Microsoft Surface Pro (1st Gen) 64GB for £529 with £25 Windows store gift card

Microsoft Surface Pro (1st Gen) 64GB for £529 with £25 Windows store gift card

Found 24th Nov 2013
529 is one of the cheapest price I saw, especially from PC world.
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great machine for artists. heat from me.
Not knocking the deal - price of these seems mad though. I still haven't actually seen an RT or Pro Surface outside of a shop yet - no idea what the actual sales are (as opposed to units "shipped"). £529 doesn't even include the keyboard cover. Might just be me but this whole MS Surface project seems absolutely bloody mad.
I don't really understand the amount of negativity towards these. This is about the same price as a 64GB iPad air and yet it runs a full operating system and is considerably more powerful. Ok, so it's not as portable and there are fewer apps (although as you can run any windows software I honestly don't think that matters.)

I read a comment from somebody once that people could just buy a macbook air instead of a surface. I'd argue that the Surface Pro is a viable alternative to a macbook air AND an iPad.
I suppose I just don't get the bit of the market they are after. they are too big to be a full time tablet for me, and after you stick on another £80 or whatever for the keyboard I'd sooner have an Ultrabook.

Have never tried one so no axe to grind, and they are maybe a more logical device for windows 8 than a conventional desktop or laptop.

I just think they have got the design and the pricing model horribly wrong - and as I say I have not seen an RT or a Pro being used anywhere (and I commute in to London daily among thousands ipads and androids) - who is buying these?
The feature I find most useful is the Wacom pen and digitizer + use of One note. With all that specs it can handle most of the applications, the only concern is the battery
good price for a good system.
I think these will be massively popular with artists because of the wacom pen. Yeah it's a bit annoying that you don't get a kb because they are aimed at a more serious user than a simple tablet one. Their other problem is they're trying to be a laptop but are uncomfortable on the lap and the screen is too small. This is why I ultimately chose a Vaio Flip over the Surface Pro 2, but that's been hugely delayed and although has a pen it's not a wacom :(. If I need to cancel my order for the Flip then I will be highly tempted by the Thinkpad Yoga, which does have a wacom pen. The only down side about that is it's weight. 1.5kg for a 12" - ouch!

Anyway, for those looking for a drawing machine that's a portable tablet first then nothing comes close to the Surface Pro / Pro2 for their respective prices... at the moment.
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