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Excellent refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5-6300U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD - £184.50 @ eBay / mobstars

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  • This device is in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition. No scratches visible on the screen.
  • No signs of wear on the cover 12 Month Warranty.
  • The battery health will be a minimum of 80%.
  • This item is supplied with power supply unit - Keyboard included.


The versatility to do anything.
The power to do more of it. Run desktop software - fast - with the powerful, ultra-light and stylish Surface Pro 4.

Then pop off the keyboard, pick up Surface Pen, and you’ve got a tablet that can replace any laptop.

Surface fits you
For creating Whether you love to edit photos, sketch, make music or create amazing videos, Surface Pro 4 packs the power you need.

For work
Surface Pro 4 is the best device for the professional on the go. It has all the power of your laptop, but is light and has all-day battery life. Surface Pro 4 is designed for getting work done.

For school
Take typed and handwritten notes on Surface 3. And with all-day battery life, you never have to lug around a heavy laptop and power cords again.

Laptop and tablet versatility
Surface Pro 4 has all the power you need and is smaller and lighter than ever, so it’s easy to carry with you. The proportions of a sheet of paper make it natural for notes, sketches and serious work.

Exceptional performance
Surface Pro 4 with 6th Gen Intel Core m3, i5 and i7 processors is not only more powerful — it is quieter, runs cooler and is even more efficient than before. This means all your programs running flawlessly — for up to 9 hours of video playback.

Run Windows & Office perfectly
The Windows you know, plus lots of new features you’ll love. The new Windows is smart enough to know whether you’re using touch, a keyboard or Pen, so everything works just the way you’d expect it.

Advanced technology
You’ll have exceptional technology like Surface Pen, as fluid and precise as ballpoint on paper. Or Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant. Even a facial recognition camera that will sign you in without a password.

YouTube - Review

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    The surface pro 4 is not a good model to get. Yes this is cheap, but the 4 is the weakest of the entire lineup in terms of reliability and build quality. The RAM is at least 8GB, which helps, but 5 onward brought improvements over this.
    I've got the fanless version of surface pro 4 without the i5. it's still running okay. really not as bad as you lots make it out to be.
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this has camera and back lit keys please
    Yes, it has two cameras and the Type Covers are backlit.
  3. Avatar
    I've got one with the same chip in an i7. It's too painful to use.

    Don't.... just don't...
    I have a Surface Book with the i7-6600U (similar to yours), I wouldn't say it's painful but it's definitely sub-par experience for a modern machine - mine is less of a problem as it has 16GB RAM and the GPU.
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    It's a bit dated and price seems reasonable but if it's truly grade A then will be good for some. Make sure you don't have any common faults on these like the battery swelling and pressing into the display or Flickergate issue that plagued them. These are decent tablets though, 6th gen i5 still fairly quick but no official Windows 11 support, personally I'd pay a little more and get the Pro 6/7 with quad-core CPUs.
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    Pity it can't be upgraded to Windows 11. Still great for the price.
    You sure? My surface Go 1 supposedly couldn't be upgraded, but if you do it manually via a usb install it goes through and works just fine.
  6. Avatar
    I bought one for a similar price but had to return it as the screen started to flicker, and the battery life is not good enough to use on the go (it needs to plug in most of the time).
  7. Avatar
    For anyone buying this, I’d bought one from a previous deal on here, and super happy with it.
    I’d set up a discussion about art packages, gaming, helpful info etc for others that bought one so posting link here if it helps
  8. Avatar
    Good grief that’s depressing. Paid nigh on a grand for mine.
    I'm sure you got several years use out of it though.
  9. Avatar
    With 5 years of daily use, work browsing, watching netflix (my main computer- asides from a desktop that's used solely to play Total War) I get about 3-4 hours. Was a bit better when new, but I can't remember
  10. Avatar
    I've got the i7 model with 16GB RAM - it's pretty good for everyday tasks and the occasional game (Rome Total War runs pretty well), but I wouldn't mind trading in/selling to put towards a new purchase - does anyone have any good recommendations of places to look at for the best trade in/selling deal?
    You might get more selling your device if you advertise it on Facebook market/gumtree, offer cash on collection and avoid any fees. It will be a less headache compared to selling it on ebay if the buyer submits a dishonest claim etc. (edited)
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    Feedback - mine has arrived looks fine- BUT 3hrs+ of charging and battery still at 0%. Will need to return it.
    Gutted, mines arrived today and the same issue. Hardware looks brilliant, shame about the battery though 49337333-sWppA.jpg
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    After getting through 3 of these units with display issues (several rows of dead pixels across the entire screen) under warranty I will never be getting a Surface Pro 4 again. This is the exact same model that MS themselves had to replace.

    Buyer beware. Make sure you have a good warranty.
  13. Avatar
    I’ve brought a few windows tablets with windows 10 all been spot on
    Where did you bring them though
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    Just some helpful advice...the built in WiFi receiver is not compatible with the latest Virgin internet Hub
    You probably need a compatibility mode enabled in the Virgin Hub or better still, install your own mesh WiFi network as the Virgin hardware belongs in the bin, it is some of the worst kit I’ve ever had the misfortune of using…
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    7 year old laptop. Battery will be knackered and they are nigh on impossible to replace on these. They can be done but it's not easy.
    Yup, frustratingly the batteries themselves aren't expensive... Buy they're located right at the back of the device so require a complete disassembly to install. At a guess I'd say up to two hours work. I know only one place that does them in Glasgow and they charge around £200 for the labour (or did, 3 or so years ago) (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Bought one of these about 6 years ago. Exact same model, processor, memory.
    Its served me well to be honest. Still going strongish especially like the form factor and the portability.
    That being said I think I'd look to replace it in about a year partly due to gadget boredom, but partly as its seen better days (slowing down when multiple tabs open). Battery is impossible to change (and I say that as someone who has changed about 15 phone batteries and likes to try their hand at things), so beware if that's an issue.
    Yes the thing is literally welded shut and the batteries do fail, as do the SSDs and you can’t get at those either…
  17. Avatar
    I work in IT, ale we had to replace every single unit at some point, because most of them will develop a flickering screen issue sooner or later. It looks like a good deal but I'd skip it. We literally replaced thousands of them across several offices.
    What did you replace them with? (edited)
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    Bought one on last deal excellent machine can’t under stand what people on about with all the faults either they using it for sending rockets to space or I am have been extremely lucky I got a good one
    Surface Pro 4 has common and known faults with the battery swelling damaging the touchscreen, pressure marks and Flickergate. Just because there are faults reported doesn’t mean they all fail, just a very high percentage than you would expect. One device not failing doesn’t mean it’s reliable or good value. Just this particular generation is known for these issues.
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    Not comparing with the deal but I bought a used Pro 7 including type cover on ebay for around £350 and came in immaculate condition. If you can stretch budget a bit, look for Pro 5 & onwards. For me, SP7 is best machine I have owned after Lenovo laptops. It weighs less than a kilo without type cover so can easily slip into whatever bag I'm carrying. Have added 128gb SD card and can edit/show tons of family pics wherever I go.
    Yes I said the same and agree. The Pro 7 is extremely good - it has a 10th gen quad core i5 (skip the i3, it's a waste of time) with improved graphics and USB C charging which is a godsend at times. The Pro 6 is also quite reliable and has an 8th gen quad core so still much faster than the 4/5. I would really suggest the 6 as a baseline today, though the 5 is still more reliable than the 4 here.
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    I had one of these from work, if its the same type the soft covering around the keyboard expect it to wear and look old very quickly, not a fan of SP's
    They all wear, depends how heavy you are with it but at least you can buy a new Type Cover if you must. The worst are the laptops which are fixed keyboard - the laptops are beautiful and amazing to use but as soon as that palmrest gets grubby you aren't coming back!
  21. Avatar
    I have a surface pro 3 - i5 I brought from launch. The type cover refuses to work after a Microsoft “update”. I have reinstalled windows and just use it for a web browsing machine now. Apart from the type cover issues I’ve been fairly lucky with the hardware problems.
    Clean the contacts on the bottom port of the system if you haven't already (sometimes the pins don't spring back), it is basically a USB port so it might be a connection issue or the port might be disabled in Device Manager. I've had this before and you can usually work around it as it's unlikely to be a hardware failure unless the Type Cover has randomly gone bad (you can get a replacement at CEX for not a lot).
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    After my Surface pro 4 died to flickergate I got a used Dell 7285. It's got a much nicer keyboard and whilst still a little delicate batteries are much more user replaceable
  23. Avatar
    Can ram and ssd expandable
    Is it full. Hd
    What's the battery backuo
    No expansion other than micro SD - it is sealed shut. If the battery fails, bin it. Resolution is above full HD.
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    I had one as a work machine up until a year ago when I got upgraded to a 7, which I didn't notice much difference with apart from the handy USB C instead of mini display port.

    The 4 was not too bad a work machine for day to day multitasking powering itself and a 4k screen. Easy to take around as so light.
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    Can anyone tell me if this is the sort of thing my lass needs for college, she has a good laptop at home but says she could do with something lighter to take with her.. TIA
    Sort of but don't buy this one as has a lot of known issues

    Besides there are a lot of other small computers which are far more reliable like Huawei, Msi, Razer etc (edited)
  26. Avatar
    The 12 month warranty and 80% battery guarantee should negate the reliability worries. Question is, do you want to spend £200 on a 8 year old device? It should be more than adequate for work and has the benefits of being quite portable in comparison to a laptop. Also, the design is quite timeless. I can't tell the difference between different generations of the Surface from the 3rd generation upwards.
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    This model had issues with the screen shaking when it gets hot. They did a recall on them but mine from work still had the issue. 
  28. Avatar
    if anyone commenting thinks that this is a good idea to buy in 2023. These have two issues.

    They all have a hardware issue in which the image on the screen will flicker making it impossible to use.

    The battery in the surface pro's particularly this model have a tendency to swell and cause the issue above when it starts to put pressure on the screen.

    a 6th generation core processor is nothing special in 2023 and you can get newer models for less/same price if you have a look around.

    I fear this is another example of an eBay seller posting his deals on hotukdeals so that he/she can get rid of inventory.

    Cold from me
    I confess I have not made an exhaustive search, and bearing in mind the technical specification broadly meets my reqts (albeit USB-C would have been nice), but can you direct me to a comparable product at this price that has same or better processor, is newer, 8GB, 256Gb etc plus is as lightweight and incl keyboard etc please ?
    PS I share our concern on the posters of deals being the 'seller' however I note the original poster has been on HUKD since 2015 and posted a variety of deals - with only the most recent being from his ebay source (which may be understandable if you feel you have found an ebay shop with competitive pricing) (edited)
  29. Avatar
    My surface pro 4 was the worst machine I've ever used, horrible thing. Poorly optimised and top heavy so couldn't use it on your knee without the high risk of it toppling off.

    My work has so many problems (wide spread screen wobbling, battery issues, firmware issues). We wrote off the whole inventory of 2500 a year early. We were able to buy the few working ones for like £150 but most of us didn't want to risk it. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    We bought over a 100 Surfaces and quite frankly regret ever looking at them, when the time came we just gave them away to staff. £184 is way too much especially as pointed out this model is prone to the overheating video that creates a 'bubble' on the screen and disables touch.
    What industry do you work in out of interest?
  31. Avatar
    If this was around £25 i would give it a thought.
  32. Avatar
    Wish I bought this for university instead of a 1k macbook
  33. Avatar
    Most of the comments are negative despite the heat going up and up!

    One moment I say yeah I will bite, second moment I say definitely no! (edited)

    Have finally gone for it. 12 month warranty, 30 days return and guarantee of 80% battery persuaded me. Been tempted by getting a Surface for a while, so this cheaper old one will be a good tester. Cheers OP
  34. Avatar
    Great deal this is. But since its January the 400th I remain skint.
  35. Avatar
    Got this model and spec for £250 in Feb from the same seller, really nice platform for basic use. Battery decent, condition was good too. Bit more capable than a normal android/ios tablet, good for use on the train/sofa etc where you might not want to plonk a full on laptop.
    Agree it is a good form factor, but I went with the Surface Go 2 with m3 processor which seems more refined and modern while still giving all the flexibility of a Windows tablet. The Pro 4 had some annoying issues that may crop up - the battery swelling and Flickergate issues are the most well-known.
  36. Avatar
    How old is this laptop ? As in when was it forst released?
    Well, this is 6th Gen i5, and we are now on 13th Gen.
  37. Avatar
    I have a surface pro 3 and it still runs great for basic tasks. If I am doing anything demanding, I remote into my desktop. The form factor is great. This feels like a good deal.
  38. Avatar
    These are great in theory, but the lack of ports so you can attach peripherals, crappy battery life and other idiosyncrasies such as the stupid power adapter make it a no no from me.
    3 hours batttey life on a second hand seven year plus Machine is what’s mine is giving me
    How many hour s runtime you call good in a 7 year machine ??? (edited)
  39. Avatar
    I loved mine but this is an 8yr old refurbished laptop
  40. Avatar
    Is this good for my high school child, first laptop ? What do you guys think ? Just for homework and getting used to having a first laptop. Any advice appreciated
    Yes it'll be great for doing school work and it's very aesthetic and very light and thin so it would be ideal imo.