Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 January 2023.
Posted 27 January 2023

Refurb Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i5 4GB 128GB SSD Win10 Tablet w/keyboard, V Good £143.99 w/code (UK Mainland) @ eBay newandusedlaptops4u

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Price with Keyboard.
1 Year return to base warranty

Quality: Very Good - Refurbished (Click link above)

4076609_1.jpgProcessor: Intel Core i5-6300U 2.40GHz

4076609_1.jpgProcessor Generation: 6th Generation

4076609_1.jpgMemory: 4GB Onboard RAM

4076609_1.jpgHard Drive: 128GB SSD

4076609_1.jpgScreen Size: 12.3" Multi-touch widescreen. 2736 x 1824

4076609_1.jpgCD Drive: None

4076609_1.jpgOperating System: Windows 10 64 Bit (Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro Above)

4076609_1.jpgBattery: Minimum 3 hours standby

4076609_1.jpgGraphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 540

4076609_1.jpgAC Adapter: Original power adaptor included

4076609_1.jpgWiFi: Yes

4076609_1.jpgNetwork: WFi Only

4076609_1.jpgUSB Ports: 1

4076609_1.jpgVarious: Front & back camera - Stylus & keyboard can be added above. If purchased with keyboard, keyboard will have frayed corners but will be fully functional. Please see images for example of keyboard.
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  1. Rickardo's avatar
    I know this is getting on, but I'm surprised it ever had 4gb RAM. Always expected the Pro to start with 8.
    plewis00's avatar
    The base models had 4GB and they were usable and you can just about get by, but personally would give this a miss and pay a bit more for 8GB and preferably the Pro 5 or above as the 4 was plagued with issues...
  2. Mattevansc3's avatar
    Got the next model up (Surface Pro 2017) with 4GB and it’s awfully slow and battery barely lasts an hour of use. I wouldn’t recommend going for this spec.
    duckyyyy's avatar
    I have one of these and the battery lasts for around 5/6 hours - 4gb ram is fine for windows 10 light browsing and office apps
  3. neoboy's avatar
    I still have one, for those wondering, still surprisingly good as a media tablet even with 4GB, no problem with YouTube, Netflix etc
  4. dcx_badass's avatar
    I had the 8gb version, worst laptop I've ever used, horrible thing. We had so many issues we got rid of 2500 a year early.
    hcc27's avatar
    Wow, what were the main issues you were having?
  5. FieldMarshal's avatar
    Perfect screen size! It's like I've di3d and gone to heaven. Unfortunately old processor so not for me
    plewis00's avatar
    What's this obsession with screen size - didn't you buy a 13" laptop for around £400 the other week (I just rememer another thread where @sheffield788 pointed you to a Zenbook)? Anyway Surface Pro 7 and below are all this size, so maybe grab a 6 or 7 for a decent quad-core CPU.
  6. Joe_Griffin's avatar
    Used a 4 for years (for work) it’s absolutely fine, getting a bit slow now but maybe due to the amount of programmes that insist on opening upon start up, once it’s going it’s fast enough. Battery’s a bit crappy now but will last a couple of hours, used to last 4-5 hours standard use.
  7. qa5im's avatar
    Anyone know if we can boot into these unlike the RT versions from back in the day? Eg Can Linux be put on this?
    plewis00's avatar
    It's a normal PC - you can install any OS including Linux, the BIOS shouldn't be locked.
  8. HTWYROR's avatar
    I'd recommend putting Windows 11 on this. Whilst not officially supported, it's an easy fix and has ironed out the bugs and I'm still getting 3+ hours battery.
    plewis00's avatar
    3 hours battery isn't that great though, it should be 5+ really.
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