Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover - Black £43 @

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover - Black £43 @



Wow very nice.
Brilliant, just ordered one!
tempted to order one and dont even have a Surface Pro.....yet
Wow that is an awesome price, been looking for one on my SP3, thanks!
Great.. I just ordered mine...Thanks
Surface pro 4 last week.... and now type cover..Great .... It is the time to look for the case and everything will be perfect.. LOL
tried for the last 40 mins. won't deliver to n.ireland, pure gutted
Real bargain, go for more than this second hand. Heat added and ordered
Heat added, thanks for sharing!
Out of stock now..
Out of stock
Bargain at that price however out of stock
When a deal goes OOS you can click the "expire" button on deal post.
Don't know if it's just me but ordered one of these yesterday. Got a phone call just now saying that there was no stock allocated or something like that so it's not going through.
I managed to order one on Christmas eve when they where still in stock, had the email to say the order has been processed and that i should have it by the 3rd. This morning I got a call to say they're not in stock but they should have some soon, just no definite date, so no idea if it's coming or not!
I have just receive a call from them telling me that they didn't get their money through paypal and they need to sort it out by paying again. I refused to do it on phone so they said they would cancel my order...
They cancelled my order because they don't accept paypal payment. Why the hell do they put paypal option???
Same here and now the price has gone up Sounds like a misprice?
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