Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type UK Layout Keyboard £54.98 @ AMAZON & JOHN LEWIS

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type UK Layout Keyboard £54.98 @ AMAZON & JOHN LEWIS

Found 28th Mar 2017
Lowest price for an original Keyboard direct from Amazon, various colours are the same price, Black, Blue and Teal.

Already have one, tempted to get another colour for the price :-)

Same price at John Lewis for all 4 colours (adding Red) if you prefer the 2yr warranty.…622
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Its going to get h t in here so y'all may wanna take your clothes off
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crazy amazing price, the stupid prices of the surface accessories are what held me.back from.buying one.
this is a hot deal!
Yeah, I paid about £85 for the black one about 6 months ago and thought that was good, still had the alert setup on the 3 Camels so thought it would benefit someone for an even better price
Just need a surface now to go with it lol
Cracking price, well spotted.

Shame some little scrote nicked my SP4 from my car, otherwise this would be as good as ordered.
looks like only Teal available now on Amazon. Great price for a spare, wish the hub would be on offer...
Oos John Lewis
These went quick
Been holding out for fingerprint version
This is an excellent much better that my Pro 3 one ghost it replaced. Great deal at this price!
Much thanks OP. Ordered. I've been waiting for the price to come down on these for ages to replace my SP3 keyboard, which is good, but I often hit two keys at a time due to them being close together. I've heard the trackpad is nicer too. Cheers!
too late. Oos JL.
John Lewis seem to have completely removed the type cover from their site, wonder if it will reappear after the 17th when the discount ends...
Wow would you look at that, it's reappeared, at full price
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