Microsoft Universal Keyboard
Previously at least £5 more than this delivered.

Works with Windows, Android and iOS. Includes helpful tablet stand


Same price at Amazon, black or white. Looks like a decent product.

Love my kb. Bought mine in best buy, USA. Awesome battery life and feels good to type on. Good deal

Very tempered as this looks like a good companion with the steam machine I've ordered for on the go


Logitech do a similar model that is £5 cheaper with Amazon
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Same price at Amazon, black or white. Looks like a decent … Same price at Amazon, black or white. Looks like a decent product.https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/21i/Microsoft-Universal-Mobile-Keyboard-Black-UK-Layout/B00NSNDIJQ

keyboard layout seems to be US not UK


keyboard layout seems to be US not UK

how do you know? whats the difference because I can't seem to tell the difference apart

Many thanks for this Deal.

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61-bsbza8kL._SL256_.jpg On Amazon UK , a report by a user ,
As many have reported the keyboard having a problem charging at some point- although it may still work when plugged in. This happened to me and therefore I took it apart to discover the problem. Let me say that it is not possible to open up the keyboard without causing damage and I suspect will lead to it being unusable. But I did so to discover the problem. The problem is that the usb charge socket is not soldered strongly enough to the circuit board. What happens is that over time the soldering points get loose and will stop sending power to the battery to charge it. I had thought the battery itself was at fault, but on testing the battery was perfect which led me to the conclusion that it was not able to receive any power to charge itself, and so traced the problem to that usb socket. If only more care was taken to securely solder that one socket, then this would be a long lived fantastic keyboard to have.

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How prevalent is the power issue? Anecdotally I haven't had any issues. Wouldn't that be cause for returning as faulty?

I was the one that posted that amazon review. Recently I came across someone selling 30 of these as a job lot-all with the same problem. It seems no-one else has figured out a way to fix it without damaging it to get to the part that needs fixing. There must be a way- but would require some experimentation with broken keyboards which I don't have access to :-( If anyone wishes to donate a broken one for me to figure out a fix please let me know.
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