Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 Black - USB £6.16 @ ebuyer

Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 Black - USB £6.16 @ ebuyer

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Keyboard Features

#Media Center
Four hot keys let you control the most-used media activities (play/pause, volume up, volume down, and mute).

#Quiet-touch Keys
Quiet, responsive, thin-profile keys.

#Calculator Hot Key
With the touch of the button, you can quickly access the Calculator.

#Spill-Resistant Design
Enjoy a drink while you work—this keyboard is designed to withstand an accidental spill.

#Windows® Start Button
Press to launch your Start menu and search your PC or the Web if you have Windows Vista installed.

#Plug and Play
No software needed. Just connect the keyboard to your PC and go!

3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

- heroesfan


Original Poster

Hot. It's double that price in curry's

Shame about the postage. hot.

Free delivery if you spend ~£50, might be worth adding on to another purchase.

Nice looking no gimmick keyboard.

Nothing on ebuyer worth adding to get to £50. Nothing of good price anyway

Original Poster

£6.16 is with delivery.

Cheers, been after a cheapo decent keyboard as my work laptops keyboard sucks root.


Nothing on ebuyer worth adding to get to £50. Nothing of good price anyway

You're not wrong, I am after the 2TB F4 hard drive and they don't even have it, they only have the F3 for £40 more than it should be.

montblanc … "If you don't do a lot of typing...." worries me :P

I've done up to 140 wpm with this keyboard on some online speed tests. For a cheap keyboard it does the job.

Thanks have ordered 3 good to have spare keyboards.
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Asda Smartprice keyboard for £5 is better I've used one for 1 year now.

I have this keyboard, coming from my macbook I make a lot less mistakes, simple i like it.

Thansk for the share - ordered.


Hot stuff. I usually get a new keyboard every year to keep them fresh, this one is much better than the MS one I have now.

Bought 5

Heat added, does exactly what is says.


Cheers ordered.

Nice one exactly what i was looking for, mines on it way
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