MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Games Package - £314.91 @ Comet !

MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Games Package - £314.91 @ Comet !

Found 20th Aug 2007
Xbox 360 premium console with sonic, call of duty 3, top spin 2 and table tennis.

Thought this was quite a good deal, maybe one to watch as the xbox 360 price reduction on friday may make this even cheaper!

This is my first post so go easy on me!

Quidco minus 4%!


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Hi mailtojohnh- long name

Erm, i think that this deal will probably get alot of cold votes due to the fact that there are a fair few better deals around.

But thanks for sharing!!

Remember that the current Premiums are being phased out..

The newer board in the Premiums now is the same board as the elite and has HDMI.

The only way to check if buying is to check the premiums box as it will have a HDMI Port labeled on the outside in the spec list.

I suspect shops will be told to get rid on the old system board premiums asap, so bargains are to be had. Especially as you can confuse the store as the SKU codes are the same.

Voted Cold.
Seems like a very old package given the games included.

My advice... wait till the price drop

buy the premium system for £229 from play, and pick up these games from game/gamestation/blockbuster on the cheap....!

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Thanks for the welcome!

Sorry I thought this was a good deal considering the games package!

Oh well, will try harder next time!
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