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Posted 16 May 2024

Microsoft Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished) - W/Code via CDKeys Microsoft Gift Card

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Save 20% on Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished) by redeeming this code at checkout MINECRAFT15MAY

Code will bring down £209.99 to £167.99. You can get it for £151.95 using Microsoft Gift Card from CDKeys

3 x £50 Gift Card for £44.99 each = £134.97
1 x £15 Gift Card for £13.99 each = £13.99
Redeem Gift Cards redeem.microsoft.com/

Then pay £2.99 on top to get the console for £151.95

- Free Delivery
- Standard 12-month warranty

Introducing Xbox Series S (Certified Refurbished). This console has been put through a rigorous certification process, tested to confirm it’s working properly, and inspected for hardware and cosmetic quality. Experience next-gen speed and performance at a great price. Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPS – all powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture. Enjoy digital games from four generations of Xbox, with hundreds of optimised titles that look and play better than ever

What does certified refurbished mean?
Microsoft Certified Refurbished programme offers the opportunity to buy a device at a discounted price. The device undergoes a complete refurbishment process before being offered for re-sale. Available exclusively at Microsoft Store.
Microsoft Store More details at

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  1. mrkhal1l's avatar
    Was looking at this for my nephew to play Fortnite. Given the lack of success of the XBOX brand lately, is it likely that games like Fortnite will stop supporting this console soon? Ideally I’d like him to keep this console for a good 4-5 years and still be able to play it. Would I be better off with a PS4 even?
    mash's avatar
    It's a pretty safe investment over a PS4. What may happen is Xbox games move over to other platforms, which has already happened. But I can't see Microsoft abandoning the platform. Probably the best entry point for Fortnite, old gen systems run at 30fps.
  2. T_Wang4s0's avatar
    xbox's naming is always confusing. This is Microsoft's PS5 slim if anyone wonders.
    Parzival2's avatar
    Completely incorrect

    I was intrigued by this, so i looked up some benchmarks and stats and stuff. Seems like it's potentially similar to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. X and S have the same CPU, OS, software, and support, but the X likely has some potential future capability that the S won't.

    For example, the X and S have the same CPU, but the X's GPU is faster, it's got nearly twice as much ram, it can do 8k vs 1440, and the storage is doubled. I imagine there's other technical stuff that follows the same pattern, but such things are well out of my wheelhouse, so I'll leave that to someone who knows what these mysterious words and symbols even mean lol

    But the way I see it, the last console cycle was over ten years long. So at some point in the next 10-15 years, the X will prolly start getting "enhanced" features that won't be possible on the S. Who knows what it'll actually be, but maybe higher frame rates or increased draw distance or advanced physics or improved Al integration or the ability to make game characters consistently smile in a way that doesn't reach the uncanny valley.

    But that said, I highly doubt XBox will ever make it impossible to play the same games on the X and S, so the S isn't an unsafe purchase. The X just has a higher performance ceiling.

    Basically, seems like if you care about future proofing or have a 4k TV, get the X. If you don't, or if you're just not that hardcore about it, the S might make more sense for you. (edited)
  3. Gavinge's avatar
    Waste of money, they've already abandoned the current consoles as was confirmed in leaked documents of their next 5 year plan, developers HATE the series S.

    Here's just a few videos on Xbox. SkillUp is the most unbiased game news reporter (not critic) online, the last one is as recent as 7 days ago

    vivavidic's avatar
    Sony fanboy. Get a life!
  4. SPLE22's avatar
    This or the PS4 pro for homebrew????
    Silas_Free's avatar
    Definitely series S. The dev mode will allow you to get a lot of retro emulators. And a much better cpu.
    However, if backups are what you are after, then PS4 pro.
  5. daleson's avatar
    Received this today, I think it might be brand new, just repackaged
    iby2012's avatar
    When you do warranty exchange, as I have done many times with my Surface Pro 5, they all look basically brand new. And you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Battery cycle count is 0 too.

    So it might be. Or might not be.
  6. mango.carrot's avatar
    Anyone here know how Fortnite runs on this? We have a PS5 but wouldn’t mind a second console to play duos with my son - I’m using a docked ROG Ally right now and it’s not quite good enough for some reason
    Toastie_'s avatar
    It'll play it perfectly.
  7. Nujol's avatar
    Great console, ridiculously powerful for £150. Happy gaming at 1080p/60fps - depending on game specifics of course.

    Also an amazing retro gaming machine if you are willing to put in the effort to get dev mode and install retroarch etc.
    Moody_Cloud's avatar
    Ridiculously powerful? Practically every single game developer will disagree with you, they want to drop support for it so badly.

    Retro games are literally the only thing this is good for. I feel sorry for anyone using this as their primary console.
  8. sheffield788's avatar
    Heat for the clear instructions in the description.
  9. hotfinder's avatar
    What does certified refurbished mean?

    it means that Microsoft aren’t selling enough consoles but they hide the fact by repackaging new consoles to look like refurbished
    iby2012's avatar
    I mean it could be.
    But when u send it in for repair, same as the surface pro, you get a like new device back.

    I have sent 4 or 5 surface pros back, each one came back without any marks. And the back scratches, so having no marks is pretty sweet, and indicates light use or new...
  10. outswimmingtheflood's avatar
    Bargain, love my Series S.
    james64hall's avatar
    Swear they've been this price before for non refurbished though.

    But yeah me too. I've got an X now though. Only because basically through a mate I could upgrade for £150. Otherwise I wouldn't have.
  11. WhaleTrain's avatar
    Cracking price - emulation beast too.
  12. Alex_Ham's avatar
    Make a good paperweight in 2 years
  13. daleson's avatar
    I just bought an Xbox to play PS, Nintendo, Dreamcast games, strange times we live in. Voted Hot
  14. Unkept_Legend's avatar
    Any deals on series x?
  15. Challisss's avatar
    do gift cards have to be redeemed first and then the balance is on the final checkout ?
    dealhunter90f's avatar
    Just went through this process, you buy the gift card, redeem the code, and it adds the balance to your Microsoft account. Then you just pay the remainder with your card.
  16. uzoobear's avatar
    Does it come with the controller?
    davetherave3's avatar
  17. Klyken's avatar
    I found these didn't have enough space for me with Forza Horizon 4,5 and Motorsport plus addons. I bought a secondhand 1TB for 180. As they only came out last September theres the balance of the manufacturers warranty, light use controller is mint.
    iby2012's avatar
    Ooh. Thats sweet. One of the big downside to the this deal is the low capacity. And how expensive the expansion stuff is.

    Suprised people are selling it that cheap tbf.
  18. Stuart_Adam's avatar
    Good deal but had a hellish experience purchasing from Microsoft last time out, delivery went missing and took over a week to resolve
  19. Macsidia's avatar
    I need around this price or less from Amazon
  20. D4V1NC1's avatar
    I am trying, but when my bank authorization comes through it's saying the full amount, and not 2.99
  21. ranamjad7775's avatar
    Not sure what i am missing.my price is comming £167.99 after adding the voucher.52764318-ifj25.jpg
    BARGAINTIME's avatar
    follow the instructions above ⬆️ you have to buy vouchers on cD Keys
  22. bfar's avatar
    A second hand series s with gamepass is very good value imo.
  23. Ned.com's avatar
    Any chance to run steam games?
    Nujol's avatar
    No chance
  24. yaboy's avatar
    amazing console but couldn't live with the low amount of storage ,voted hot 🏼
    mango.carrot's avatar
    I just bought one and was quite shocked at how little space you get. I knew it was 512gb and the os would take up some space, but you’re only left with something like 350gb!
  25. Naliboi's avatar
    Every day I find myself getting more and more tempted by these things!

    Can't justify it personally as I've gone all in on physical discs and already have a One X that plays 99% of all games I'd ever be interested in anyway. I'll likely continue buying discs as those have slowly entered the amazingly cheap era for many older xbox one games at least (360 prices might suffer soon, though). And gamepass or other game subscription services are a strict no go for me personally, especially as I rarely play online. The proprietary storage expansion is such a disappointing hidden cost with this platform.

    I'll likely end up grabbing a PS5 first, then a Series X (or whatever the most powerful xbox system of the near future supporting disc drives might be). But still a cracking deal.
    iby2012's avatar
    I got it anyway for the "next gen" games. As few of those as there were. As my One X already has an SSD.

    Which boots slower, but looks better due to the upgrades it got.

    Depends what screen you play on, how often you play. How many games you play on if you should get this or the series x or just wait for the next console/pro.
  26. WiganLaticsFan's avatar
    How does going from Xbox one s to Xbox series s work in regards to transferring disk games across?

    Is it a case of it being in your library, it'll work? Unlike the One where you have to insert the disk to play the game
    mango.carrot's avatar
    I could be talking out of my backside but if you have a disk version it won’t work, there’s no way for Xbox to know that you still own the game and you haven’t bought a digital licence
  27. dealhunter90f's avatar
    Don't get too excited. I've had to put in for a service and am having to send it off for repair since it's overheated 3 times already even though it's well ventilated.
    sadlo's avatar
    Did you get a message on a screen about overheating or how did you find this out? Whats cosmetic condition of the console?
  28. nimbu's avatar
    Just ordered. The promo has disappeared from the MS site and I couldnt seem to add the code. Just jumped on the phone and had a moan. They had to add the code on the back end and process the order. Just got an email confirm in.
    fuzzy_logic's avatar
    Promo code worked ok for me yesterday, so assume they fixed the issue you were having.
's avatar