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Posted 25 November 2022

Microsoft Xbox Series X Console - £404.55 using gift cards from CDKeys via Microsoft Store

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Microsoft Xbox Series X currently £449.99 on the Microsoft store.

If paid via the CD Keys £10 gift cards, currently at £8.99, this gives a total of £404.55 (45 gift cards), which I believe is the best price you can find a brand new Xbox Series X Console.


I purchased the Xbox Series S via this method, and could only purchase a total of 5 gift cards at once, but can make multiple orders.

Once purchased, redeem all your gift cards on your Microsoft account and use to pay. See below for information on how to redeem your Microsoft gift cards.
Xbox Series X

Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles – all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.

Limit 1 console purchase per customer
Microsoft Store More details at Microsoft Store

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Also £404.99 at Asda with BLC.
Black Friday 2023 Deals
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    It's much easier buying bigger vouchers in less Qty from Eneba for a bigger discount.
    I managed to get my Series X for around £340 by buying 4 x £100 vouchers and 1 x £50. Eneba regularly have the £100 down at the £80 mark and you can use discount codes to get it down further (Usually 8-10% available).
    Currently their stock of vouchers isn't quite as good but it's better than CDkeys still.
    48829505-RYeUc.jpg (edited)
    I'll keep my eye out in the future, although I've never used it before.
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    Good luck trying to buy 45 gift cards from cd keys, I remember trying to buy about 5 before and they cancelled most of them after calling and emailing to send verification of identity and photos showing my name on my card (edited)
    I purchased 19 gift cards 2 days ago for the Series S deal, and each one worked, and no issues what so ever. 48829056-suqKc.jpg
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    Too much messing about for me personally. Ordered it on ebay from Ebuyer for 459.99 with 30x nectar points which gave me 45 GBP back. Also Topcashback have 5% so another 15-20gbp back which makes it around 400.
    Quidco have this at 2%, so knocks it down to around £396.
    Hopefully they do the double up next year for the Nectar points again as that will make it even better
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    Why was this voted cold
    I genuinely don't understand. Possibly, the effort of having to make 9 separate gift card purchases.
    But for 15 minutes effort, saving £25 on the next closest which is currently the deal of the day.
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    One of the finest consoles I've ever owned. Shame the 1st party games so far are really not up to that of Playstations however 2023 is massive for Xbox
    2022 was supposed to be massive, and before that - 2021... Given MSFT and Bethesda's recent track record, can't see anything changing in 2023 - which is a great shame, because Sony does need proper competition to stay in shape.
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    Heat for creating your own black friday because no one else did 🔥
    I tried to make post but there was something in terms but we shall see

    I did the below

    House of Fraser have a promotion were if you spend £250 on qualifying goods you get £50 back in vouchers to spend from 5th December vaild untill next year, somelse did point it out and had it with nintendo deal but I feel it needed a shout on its own.

    Max voucher 100 if you spend £500

    you can register for recognition points also. You don't have to buy Xbox really this would work on most items.

    You don't have to buy all items in one go if you have account they will stack so when you hit £500 you get £100 voucher.

    I spoke to agent also go confirm all.

    Please see pics also

    So I added Xbox series X
    FIFA 23
    £10 gift card

    Had to choose to get it delivered at £4.99 I did go store all they would do is offer £20 guy was you likey won't get it..when I showed him screen shots..he said fair play and I left them chatting amongst them self's.

    Total £514.97 but I got £110 due back from £100 voucher plus £10 gift card and both will be easy to spend with over a year to pick what I want etc. Save them till next black Friday.

    Now when I went to post as all posts are checked etc...and I'm not moaning I understand and was glad for the information and pointers but I'm still like this will / has worked and if u spending 400+ easy... like me maybe but the longness 48832917-7bpPE.jpg48832917-hd4ha.jpg48832917-fzKPz.jpg48832917-GJBFf.jpgto save £100 and have it to spend is worth it

    I was told by the mod that was reviewing my post that it said you cant use vouchers but I was 2p shy from hitting 500 I added voucher and it said I'm entitled to £100. That's when I did the web chat again.

    Worst case I'm buy myself a new jacket or something curious to see the cheapest item and that will deffo make it above £500. (edited)
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    Same price at asda if you have a blue light card. I bought one last week.
    Which Asda?
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    Voted Hot but not for me, It'd stress me out.
    Same here I'd rather just pay the rrp. Not that I'd buy one of these as although the console is great the games just dont do it justice.
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    I've given it heat. But.... really, no one is gonna be able to successfully buy 45 giftcards from CD keys. Has anyone done this today? No, the answer will be... No
    I did 19 a couple of days ago. Didn't realise buying gift cards was an issue until this thread to be honest.
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    Just picked this up from ASDA with 10% BLC discount if you know anyone who has one. But even cheaper with monese 20% off Asda gift cards! cost me £340 for a series x!
    Amazing. Nice one
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    Smoking hot 🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🔥🔥
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    Let's hope they don't cancel and refund your vouchers 😬
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    i did this when it was first released used my rewards points too.....
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    Imagine getting the gift cards and then the console goes out of stock. 😬
    HVe to be in it to win it
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    great find this, especially as you can combine with the best value MS Rewards card (MS vouchers)
    Precisely my thoughts. I'm waiting to see if MS does some form of Cyber Monday deal or whatever.. even if they chuck an extra pad in I'll be sold on it. Pretty much £125 in rewards saved up now tempted to keep going til next Xmas and make up for buying the S thinking I'd be okay with a teeny weeny hard drive and LOTS of swapping games in and out 👌
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    What are CD Keys like if you get a dud code?
    They're OK, but not great. Eventually you'll be refunded, or a new code issued.
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    Need a little help. Haven't gone down the card method yet, but when I'm on the MS store, logged in, I don't see an option to pay with the gift cards. Will this payment option appear when I build up a balance by redeeming cards into my MS account?
    I deleted all my other payment methods first. Then added the gift cards, and when on the checkout page, the gift card balance was automatically applied.
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    You try finding an Asda that has one in stock though.
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    Did anyone see the Series S post using the £10 vouchers. Think it was £161, odd how it was deleted.