Microtrim Groomer £3.50 @ Tesco Direct

Microtrim Groomer £3.50 @ Tesco Direct

Found 28th Feb 2010
Never again have an unsightly forest of nasal hair sprouting from your nostrils.... and your hubby can use it too!


Great pic. I assume that's the actual product. Do the colours vary?

That pic is making my eyes water

the picture feels like it should be a poster for some ****** will ferrel film

They are £2 in asda

How long will it be before someone says i got one from the pound shop lol

They look like pliers in the picture.

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Civic EG6;7983231

They look like pliers in the picture.

OK. If you want a picture of the product just click on the deal button...................but at the end of the day, it's just a picture of a bit a silver plastic with some silver plastic attachments.

Sometimes in life, you just gotta think differently... stretch your mind... use your imagination.... dont take life serious... use sunscreen.:thumbsup:

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They are £2 in asda

Hey that's great! So why didnt you submit your find. Save everyone £1.50. Or is it just easier to put comments on other peoples deal submits rather than go to the effort of submitting your own?:thumbsup:

I just pull my nose hairs out with tweezers - highly entertaining.

When I've filled up the back of one of my business cards I take a picture and post it on my Facebook page, in a subsection I call Nosebook.

I want to take magnified pictures of the best ones and frame them for display, but the usb microscopes I've tried so far are rubbish - any suggestions for better (but not ludicously expensive) equipment would be much appreciated.

heat for the pic

I use this to keep me nostrils free of folage, and works fine: direct.asda.com/Asd…tml

Anything that brightens my day and gives me a laugh is worth a bit of heat and rep from me. Already got some pliers though, so will probably save my £3.50!

Mines going back as the picture on tesco website is different type to wat i got, u cannot trim eyebrows with the one supplied, its only for nostils:x
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