Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (Steam) £10.49 @ Nuuvem

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (Steam) £10.49 @ Nuuvem

Found 25th Mar 2015
Fight across Mordor. Unravel the mystery behind the spectrum that houses in your body and discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately face the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle of Middle-earth.

1) Open google translate and make an account
2) You can't start to make purchases until you have completed your profile info 100% (even though it says everything is fine before hand)
3) You can only make 1 game purchase per account, so if you're gonna purchase something for family or a friend, you're gonna need another account.

Info #2:
4) Some items are region purchase locked (e.g. Bioshock Infinite Season Pass for under $15 AUD, activated onto steam for me)
5) Use a VPN to get around it (Brazil IP)
6) If you don't have a VPN install Chrome, then onto Chrome install the app called "Hola". This is all safe assuming you use Firefox as your default browser.
7) Choose Brazil
Make the purchase in Chrome with your paypal account (disconnect from Hola before entering payment details)
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Are Nuuvem allowed now? Brilliant if so!

Are Nuuvem allowed now? Brilliant if so!

Yeah. That is why there is a lot of deals to post to get up to speed
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