Midge Repellent 50ml for repelling midges and other biting insects - delivered for £4.50
Midge Repellent 50ml for repelling midges and other biting insects - delivered for £4.50

Midge Repellent 50ml for repelling midges and other biting insects - delivered for £4.50

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The Lifesystems Expedition Midge Repellent 50ml for repelling, well, midges!

The Lifesystems Expedition Midge Repellent 50ml is an effective repellent against midges.
Just because we dont have things like Malaria in the UK (yet!), doesnt mean our biting insects arent a major nuisance, as anyone who has encountered The Midge in places like Scotland, Derbyshire or anywhere else you might know.
The Lifesystems Expedition Midge Repellent 50ml spray is especially formulated to repel The Midge and other small biting insects: containing myrtle, other plant extracts and oils, as well as DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), this formula has been extensively tested in the outdoors and proven to work.

Be cautious when using DEET around some plastics (e.g. sunglasses, watch straps, climbing gear etc) as it can dissolve them!

Bed Bugs
Other Biting Insects

Capacity: 50ml.
Active Ingredients: .


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I've used this stuff while camping in summer on the west coast of Scotland.....believe me it was a godsend with all the midges.....never bitten once :thumbsup:

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I camped at Achmelvich - and could only stay one night due to the number of midges.

There were so many it was like water running on your arms and face - the fewest i counted on the back of my hand at once was five (after shaking them).

The place was beautiful - but it was impossible to stay.



We then drove up to Durness and over to Balnakeil Beach - on the way towards Cape Wrath - again really beautiful with the whitest sand I have seen. There were more cows on the beach than people (on the day that was hot enough two years ago to warp the London Underground rails) - only to be chewed by clegs (horse flies).



I never really liked the idea of chemical repellents - and used a large fan and invertor with a second battery in the car. This normally keeps a strong enough draft to prevent them landing to bite. However you are stuck next to the car - so its only useful while eating or sitting drinking before bed.

I had heard a few good reports on this - so will give it a try myself - this was the best price delivered

I ordered some Deet from Aktive8 on 2nd May and I'm still waiting for it despite them taking the money straight away!

It took until last week to get any response from them, I emailed 4 times and got ignored and phoned at least 30 times since the end of May and never got past the recorded message advising me to email until then.

Don't think because it says in stock that it is.

Awful customer service and a diabolical service, I would not recommend them to anyone.

DEET itself is brilliant, but buy it from somewhere else or the mozzies will be long gone before you get it.

Bob Geldof

Oi'll be buyin' meself some o dat, so I will.:

Oh and for those that do not heed good advice and still attempt to buy from Aktive8 there is 8% Quidco

Thanks for sharing the stunning pictures Ibiza.

Buy Avon 'Skin so soft'. It's much better!
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