Midi ATX Black Case   500w PSU £22.28 @ Scan

Midi ATX Black Case 500w PSU £22.28 @ Scan

Found 28th Feb 2009
Colours IT CIT1005 black computer case with 500w PSU only £22.28 @ Scan!

-Thermally Advantaged Design
-Large, round venting holes for good air flow
-Side venting air duct
-Patented screw design for 5.25 and 3.5 devices
-Convenient one-way installation

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Speakers + Keyboard + Mouse + ATX Case, only £27.14 @ Scan!



Wouldn't trust stock PSU's

Buy this + buy a better power supply. Power supplies are the most overlooked item in a computer, and it all comes down to buying a cheapo one or a proper branded & trusted one. Choose the wrong one and it will result in some or all of your components in your computer to brake.

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Ive orderd one to power an old system that I pieced together with spare parts. P4 and a gfx intergrted mobo shouldnt even need more than a 250w so a bad 500w will do just fine. If you are buying just for the case there are some aprox £20 ASUS cases which look much better.

I've had one from colours IT psu broke after 3 years of use it was silent but it had only one fan at the bottom so not that good

Not a bad price, but this isn't a case for computer junkies.

Its a good price if the PSU is decent quality


Its a good price if the PSU is decent quality

it most defintely isn't, i had one that broke in 3 months - and that was with an amd athlon xp system

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I think scan have a 1yr warrenty on all products with THEM, not sure but worth a chek!
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