Midnight Moon Moonshine Cherry and Apple Pie 35cl £13 @ Morrisons

Midnight Moon Moonshine Cherry and Apple Pie 35cl £13 @ Morrisons

Found 12th Dec 2015
Midnight Moon Moonshine £13 a Jar now at morrisons, Ive been looking at this for something different. Has been £18 recently now reduced. Not sure what its like but good price for something different.
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sounds yummy.....what is it?

sounds yummy.....what is it?

not a clue and its a little early to be opening it yet its a jar of spirits full of cherries. You can get firefly moonshine on amazon cheaper per liter but not sure if its like comparing apples and pears. Looks like it would make an interesting gift.
Sounds good, nice to add a drop to an actual apple pie, How strong is it ?
cherry is 40%abv and apple pie is 35%abv
This is strong stuff an you have got to be very brave to eat one of cherrys out of it.
i seriously need to get this
moonshine is great but haven't try this yet. heat added
I'm going to get some ...cheers.
Wow this sounds very interesting may have to get one of each for the Christmas booze cupboard
tried this last night, couldn't leave it unopened. Hard to explain the taste, taste like a pure spirit, kind of like vodka. But with a heavy cherry taste, so the spirit taste comes second. The cherries inside as as expected are just harsh taste, but in a good way.
Ok so I bought this and I'm not really impressed I got the apple pie version and it's a bit disappointing, strong but the flavours just cinnamon spice. I'm glad I didn't pay full price it's a brand rip off in a jar full price. Worth a try but nothing great.
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