Midnight Run Blu-Ray £6 @ Sainsburys
Midnight Run Blu-Ray £6 @ Sainsburys

Midnight Run Blu-Ray £6 @ Sainsburys

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Decent price, been quite expensive on Amazon for a while, they also had They Live for £7 but I nabbed the last copy


Really good price. It's really kept its price, minimum for it is normally a tenner but ive seen several places wanting £15-£20!

Its not meant be a very good bluray transfer though, average at best. Though a lot of the bad points i think are more technical flaws that casual viewers would look past


great film great find

For a moment I registered this as the new release Midnight Special for £6...

Very funny movie.

So funny and easily one of De Niro's finest performances.

One of my all time favourite films.

I bought the well reviewed German re-mastered edition last December for £9 - menus and movie are in English too.

However, Shout Factory released a new re-mastered Collectors Edition a few day ago in the US. Only downside is it will be region locked to North America. However, comments on the Blu-ray forum suggest the image is similar to the German re-mastered version.

good find op, heat added

Love this film!

Is this in IMDb's top 250 list? If not, it should be. Not many films hit all the right notes but this one does. I picked up the German Blu-ray, this one has some DNR but not to the extent of Predator. £6 is a good price. Nice find OP.

Superb imdb.com/tit…31/ And a Metascore of 78. A great shame then that Mr De Niro`s catalogue is peppered with dross.

Great film, and the disc isn't as bad as some people said when it was released - Second Sight did the best they could with a Universal master, and the extras are solid. Good price at £6 (think the lowest it has been so far).

They Live for £7 is an even better price. Heard that you could get Withnail & I/How To Get Ahead in Advertising for £5-6 too, as well as Big Trouble in Little China and some other cult films like Three Amigos. Not bad, but I've never seen any of them in my local! Luckily I already own all the ones mentioned so far.
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