Midsomer Murders: A Collection Of Ten Investigations (10 Discs) - £29.99
Midsomer Murders: A Collection Of Ten Investigations (10 Discs) - £29.99

Midsomer Murders: A Collection Of Ten Investigations (10 Discs) - £29.99

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The Killings At Badger's Drift: The very first episode of Midsomer Murders is based on the award winning Inspector Barnaby novels by Caroline Graham. An old lady witnesses a shocking event but before she can tell anyone what she has seen, she dies from what seems to be natural causes. Her dearest friend drags the unwilling Inspector Barnaby into the case. He soon begins to see that certain things just don't add up, then a second gruesome killing confirms his suspicions.

Written In Blood: Another investigation into homicidal happenings in Midsomer. Gerald Hadleigh, secretary of the Midsomer Worthy's writers circle had never wanted to invite best-selling novelist Max Jennings to one of their meetings. When Gerald is found dead the next morning from a brutal battering, the other members of the circle wish they had heeded his reluctance. Slowly Gerald is revealed as a man of mystery. He has no national insurance number, no relatives and no marriage certificate to match the wedding photos that decorate his house. Inspector Barnaby (John Nettles) soon uncovers some shocking facts about the man with no past.... and soon, when another body is found, Barnaby has a double murder on his hands.

Death Of A Hollow Man: Preparations are in full swing at the Corn Exchange for the forthcoming production of Amadeus. The actors are unaware that nearby the body of a local resident, Agnes Gray, is about to be found floating in the river. Barnaby sets out to discover who has perpetrated the crime. However, before he can conclude his investigation there is trouble at the theatre.

Faithful Unto Death: Barnaby suspects that the wife of a wealthy mill owner has been kidnapped. Many of the inhabitants of Morton Fendle believe that they have been conned out of a considerable sum of money by the husband and so Barnaby has no shortage of suspects.

Death In Disguise: Barnaby and Troy are sent to investigate the death of William Carter, found dead at the bottom of the stairs at his commune.

Death's Shadow: Barnaby and Troy are called to investigate the murder of wealthy property developer.

Strangler's Wood: When the body of a young Brazilian woman is found in Raven's Wood, strangled with a striped necktie, Barnaby and Troy are called in to solve the crime.

Dead Man's Eleven: The wife of a wealthy landowner is discovered bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat. Whilst the victim had no apparent enemies, her husband, Robert Cavendish, was hated by all and sundry. Barnaby and his team find themselves enmeshed in a succession of cruel and calculated murders. Once again, blackmail, deceit, greed and revenge threaten to destroy Midsomer's tranquillity.

Blood Will Out: Barnaby and Troy are called in to help keep the peace in the village of Martyr Warren when, to the extreme anger of Falklands War veteran Major Hector Bridges, two rival clans of travellers arrive for a pony chariot race.

Death Of A Stranger: Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and Sergeant Troy investigate a murder. DCI Barnaby returns from a winter holiday to discover an unidentified tramp has been beaten to death in the woods near the village of Marshwood. While he was away, Supt Ronald Pringle, just before his retirement, quickly arrested a local young man. But Barnaby suspects that he is innocent, which is only reinforced when there is an apparent suicide at the same spot.

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