Midway Arcade Treasures for the Xbox only £3 delivered HMV

Midway Arcade Treasures for the Xbox only £3 delivered HMV

Found 21st Jan 2007
Midway Arcase Treasures for Xbox £3 - showing in stock at HMV .

Midway Arcade Treasures is jam packed with over 20 classic arcade games including all-time favourites SpyHunter, Defender, Gauntlet, Joust and more for the first-time on next generation consoles.

Take a trip down memory lane with more than 20 video games you loved to play at the arcade. Including, the fast pace action of SpyHunter, the multi-player collaboration of Gauntlet, the space age adventure of Defender, and the duelling combat of Joust; the Midway Arcade Treasures has hundreds of hours of classic gameplay action.

And that's not all! This ultimate arcade collection also contains cool DVD content with game histories, creator interviews and music from back in the day.


Hmv are very slow at ther mo, still waiting on orders from 1st december and waiting for this since 31st december.:-(

VERY slow.

Order Date 2006-08-15
Total Price £3.99
Order Status Open order - please click on order number for detailed information

Probably never get it, wouldn't be so annoying it they at least removed perpetually 'on order' items like this from the website.

At least this deal is down as "Availability: usually ships within 3-5 days", has a sporting chance at least.

I bought one for the xbox360 took nearly 6 weeks to come through it was cheaper than any where else - then he got another for christmas, so the wait wasnt even worthwile! sometime the cheaper option is not always the best if you want somthing straight away!

Could anyone that's ACTUALLY RECEIVED any XBOX games from HMV this side of Christmas PLEASE leave a post because people keep posting these 'Hot Deals' & without fail just about every post for these titles ends in a stack of people saying that they've ended up with their orders on back order awaiting stock from suppliers (as has happened with mine, despite every single item being in stock when I ordered)?!?!?!
Just about ALL the XBOX titles in their list were at prices that would make them Hot deals but it seems pointless to keep listing these when numerous threads just end up repeating the same info regarding the total lack of stock & dispatch.
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