Midweek Entry to the Ideal Home Show for £2.75

Midweek Entry to the Ideal Home Show for £2.75

Found 15th Feb 2007
Real Homes magazine contains a complimentary ticket for the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court 9th March - 1st April 2007.

The ticket can be upgraded for weekend entry for £5.

Normal ticket prices are £14 midweek and £16 at the weekend, but the magazine costs just £2.75.

The ticket doesn't have any conditions, such as the user must be accompanied by someone paying full price, so a genuine bargain.
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Thanks for the tip. Does anyone know the bargains at the Home Show are true bargains, or are the prices for goods no different to other places?
What issue is this? as March issue only has £2 off coupon inside. They give away a lot of coupons which pays for travel and entry. Ocassionly there is a bargain to be had but if still good day out
I'm sure it's the March issue - it's in the shops now as I only bought mine yesterday.

The cover has a big splash that says something like 89 bright ideas.

Sorry to be vague, the mag's at home, and I'm at work now. I'll check later.

This isn't a voucher within the mag, but an actual ticket that is held in the cellophane and falls on the floor when you open your mag.

All we got was a leaflet to book and save £2?!
I think that the editions vary.

I initially saw that a complimentary ticket was being offered in Real Homes Magazine on sale in Borders, but did not buy it as I was going onto Tesco. However, the version on sale at Tesco did not have any reference to a free ticket being included in the magazine, so I went back to Borders.

The cellophane wrapper on the version on sale in Borders clearly stated a free ticket was enclosed.
All the March issues I`ve seen in North Wales have the complimentary offer in, local shops, Morrisons and Asda.

People are selling the complimentary tickets from the mag on ebay for up to £8.....must go to the shops.

also get a free paint brush and a colour wheel with the mag for £2.75
Dad has been to this before and came back with a car full of freebies Not just pens and stuff, stress balls, t-shirts, hats, teddies and much more!
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