Miele KD12823S-1 Fridge Freezer 5yr warranty and old appliance removal £463.03 @ Co-operative Electrical

Miele KD12823S-1 Fridge Freezer 5yr warranty and old appliance removal £463.03 @ Co-operative Electrical

Found 15th Dec 2014
As per title, this is a really good price for a fridge freezer that gets 83% from which.co.uk.
This is £679 in John Lewis etc so is really good value. 10% quidco cash back! And an extra £10 off with code AGC10

The Miele KDN12823S-1 fridge freezer is frost-free, meaning you should never need to defrost it. The fridge section is bigger than the freezer, so this model might suit you if you buy more fresh food than frozen. Miele says that this fridge freezer is designed to cool and freeze quickly, so we put it through rigorous tests to find out just how speedy it is.

This fridge freezer from Miele is a great Best Buy, living up to the manufacturer's claims of rapid cooling and fast freezing. This speediness means that your food should stay fresher for longer, so that you throw less of it away.

What is it?
This Miele model is frost-free, keeping the freezer compartment free of ice and saving you the trouble of defrosting. The fridge is larger than the freezer, with lots of storage space for fresh food and drink.

In the fridge you will find four glass shelves - three of them can be adjusted to help you find the perfect layout. The fridge door has four racks that can also be moved up and down to suit you. There are two large vegetable drawers, so you can keep your squashable fruits away from your bulky veg.

The freezer has three transparent drawers, so you can easily see the contents.

If you're planning ahead and know you need to pop some fresh food in the freezer, you can switch on the fast-freeze feature. This feature uses more power to freeze food quickly, so that it should be in a better condition when you come to defrost it. If you need to freeze a lot of food in one go, ideally you need to be rather organised and switch the feature on 24 hours in advance. The fast-freeze feature switches off automatically after 65 hours.

There is one set of controls to adjust the temperature in the fridge and the freezer temperature will depend on how cold the fridge is. The controls have lights to show you the chosen temperature setting and whether the fast-freeze feature is switched on.

If you get distracted while unloading your shopping, an alarm sounds to let you know if one of the doors has been left open for more than 60 seconds. There's also an alarm to let you know if the freezer temperature gets too high.

What's it great at?
You can rely on this Miele to keep a steady temperature in both the fridge and the freezer. If your kitchen heats up during cooking or gets chilly in the winter, this model should still keep its temperatures low enough to keep your food safe.

In the unlucky event of a power cut, this fridge freezer can keep food safely frozen for well over one day. This could be an excellent model for you if you live in an area with regular power outages.

Fresh food is frozen very quickly, which should mean that your food will retain more nutrients and be in a better state when you defrost it than if it was frozen slowly.

When you put fresh food into the fridge, it cools very quickly. This is great for helping food stay fresh for longer.

This A+ rated model costs slightly less to run than other fridge freezers with similar amounts of usable space. You can see just how much it is likely to cost during a year by looking at the Full specification tab.

This fridge freezer is quiet, with no noisy clicks and gurgles to disturb you while it's running.

The light in the fridge is bright, making it easier to see all of your food and drink when planning what to have for dinner. The doors have lever handles that take the hard work out of opening them. The temperature controls are easy to use too.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
No - we couldn't find any problems with this Miele model.

Is there anything else I should know?
If you stick to the thermostat settings recommended in the instruction manual, the temperature will be slightly too warm at the top of fridge. We recommend using a fridge freezer thermometer to set the correct temperature, not Miele's recommended 5°C.

Should I buy it?
Yes. This Miele is a great investment, cooling and freezing your food quickly and maintaining steady, safe temperatures in all conditions. It's quiet and easy to use, plus it keeps food safely frozen for well over 24 hours if your power goes out.

Pros: Safe and steady temperatures in normal conditions as well as extreme room temperatures, chills food quickly, freezes food quickly, quiet, cheap to run, easy to use, keeps food frozen for more than 24 hours in a power cut, frost-free

Cons: None

Showing £399.99
- Groovii D


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Also £10 off with code AGC10

Excellent company.

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Yep, he t day delivery with 60 min delivery slot is what customer services should be like

Thanks for posting.

Showing £399

Pretty sure it's a different model to the JL one. Note the missing N in the model number.

Co-Op only say it's £100 off too, sure they'd advertise he full discount if it was that model.

That said, this is still a good deal.

Can't seem to find the 10% quidco cashback, has it ended now?

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Groovii D

Showing £399

yep that's correct but then add the warranty and collection.

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Can't seem to find the 10% quidco cashback, has it ended now?

Sorry must have a limited offer, it's back down to 3% now


Sorry must have a limited offer, it's back down to 3% now

Ah, darn, missed that one then. Thanks anyway.
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Definately hot, meile is way above the league

I thought so too but the reviews on JL weren't too great. I guess people like to post more negativity that positivity... Tempted to grab this.

How is Co op electrical as a company, never bought anything from them...

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Very gos customer services and good delivery


How is Co op electrical as a company, never bought anything from them...

Far better than John Lewis for large kitchen appliances like this, John Lewis do not actually stock any of these items, they just pass the order on to the manufacturer, which is when the problems begin.


now 379.99 hot from me

This is now 359.99 with the code PCX20 which makes it a bit of a bargain. OK, it is not No Frost like the one in the Which review or John Lewis but it is more energy efficient instead. I have just bought this with the 5 year warranty for 413 minus cashback.

Very hot from me and thanks for posting this deal.

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Having used it for a while now, it's been very good so far

Good to know, ours is not being delivered for a while as we want it for the new home we are buying.

this is NOT FROST FREE. KD.........KDN is frost free..
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