Miele S5211 Power Plus Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner @ Currys

Miele S5211 Power Plus Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner @ Currys

Found 18th Jul 2012
This is a clearance item from Currys so I suspect there will not be many available to Reserve & collect only.
Other Miele models which have been reduced in price are
S762 @ £119.97 Home delivery available
S2111 @ £119.99 Home delivery available
S381 @ £99.97 Reserve & collect only
S6240 @ £71.91 Reserve & collect only
I don't know whether code FLOOR8 will work for the home delivery.
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Seems there are none in London, Essex or Hertfordshire... Nearest I could find was Ipswich, shame as its a great deal.
For anyone who bought a Miele cleaner betwwen 1st May to 30th of June, click LINK for a years supply of bags for free!
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For anyone who has the Miele cat and dog vac (TT5000) , this vac is exactly the same, except the colour and the power brushes that comes with the TT5000. Oh, and the fact that this is a third of the cost of the TT5000. So if you were thinking of replacing your old TT5000, buy this one and keep your power brushes. We did just that and saved over £200.00.

P.S. This is a really excellent cleaner, regardless of the power brush.

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For anyone thinking of buying one of these Miele cleaners and who wants a turbo floor brush (STB205-3) it would be worth a check instore at Comet if you are near. They don't appear on Comet's website but I picked one up for £12.49, there were still a couple on clearance left on the shelf (Aintree,Racecourse Retail)
Thank you, have reserved one at Ipswich
Amazing deals there
Further £20 off the S762 & the S381 reserve & collect only. The S5211 & S6240 have been removed from Currys website.
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