Miele S5281 Solution HEPA Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner @ John Lewis (£50 off and free tools worth £50)

Miele S5281 Solution HEPA Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner @ John Lewis (£50 off and free tools worth £50)

Found 6th Nov 2011
My vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost last week and I've been searching for a replacement. I have a penchant for Miele products and John Lewis, so when I saw this I thought it looked just the job.

£50 off, 2 year warranty as standard (I think JL usually offer 2 years on such items, but Miele also do this) and extendable to 10 years for just £30.

I know extended warranties are often a waste of money, but £30 parts & labour (which Miele warranties are) for 10 years seems like a deal to me.

On top of that, John Lewis/Miele have an offer on at the moment were if you spend more than £199 on any Miele vacuum you get a free winter clean kit with a RRP of £50.


Product Details
The Miele HEPA Solution is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a variable setting for all surfaces. It boasts a Silent Setting, thanks to a quiet motor and special insulation.
The S5281 has a smooth running floor head with retractable brushes for edge-to-edge cleaning of carpets and hard floors, and a bumper strip to prevent it damaging any furniture. A full-size turbo head is also included for picking up pet hairs, as well as a parquet brush for your delicate flooring. A HEPA filter removes 99.99% of particles, making the S5281 a good choice for allergy sufferers

All the standard accessories are built in and the suction tube is telescopic for those hard-to-reach areas. Bag type: Intensive Clean GN.

Key Features:
Bag/Bagless Bag
Brand Miele
Cable length 6.5m
Capacity 4.5L
Dimensions H24x W27 x D50cm
FiltersRemove dust particles, mites - even unpleasant smells HEPA
Guarantee FREE 2 year guarantee, Extend to 10 years for £30 (View terms and conditions)
Model name / number S5281
Settings 6
Vacuum Cleaner Style Cylinder Cleaners
Tools includedTools for particular jobs: usually crevice tool, dusting and upholstery brushes Turbo head, parquet brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush, extension tube
Wattage 2200W
Weight 7.9kg
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Buy a dyson, much better.
I wonder if JL would price match this link

Buy a dyson, much better.

LOL as if

hypnotised by Dyson Marketing Hype

Miele cleans the floor and don't go boasting, Dyson just cleans your wallet out and boasting how good there machines false marketing crap.

Lot of people dont know what goes on with Dyson like fixing the price for any independant traders, if you sell below the prices your told to they will take yout D.I.D status off you.

Every Dyson deal you see anywhere is governed by Dyson themselves, even for the biggies Currys/Argos,etc.

Been in the trade 20+ years now and would whole hearted recommend a Miele over a Dyson any and every day.

Great deal for this Vac, its very nice oh and it wont breakdown on you and still be whisper quiet in 10 years time and still do the same job.
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^^^ Spot on, Dyson = over priced and over hyped colourful garbage.
I have 3 Dysons and they are all shiiiiite !!
They are fantastic for about the first year - 18 months then rubbish !!
I am never buying another Dyson ,next will definitely be a Miele
We replaced a Dyson with a Miele. Won't go back. Mieles are among the quietest vacuum cleaners around, which is more than can be said for Dysons.
Miele vacs are just brilliant. More expensive than other brands but well worth the extra expense. They don't lose suction even if the bag is full. And yes, my one requires bags which I prefer - I hate bagless ones as they're really messy to empty.

Buy a dyson, much better.

Dyson? You must be joking. Overpriced plasticky rubbish by comparison with Miele.

Dyson? You must be joking. Overpriced plasticky rubbish by comparison … Dyson? You must be joking. Overpriced plasticky rubbish by comparison with Miele.

totally agree

I wonder if JL would price match this link

I've bought from them before and was going to buy from them again, but the one you've linked to is not exactly the same vacuum. It's an 'Argos special' and doesn't come with the same tools. It doesn't come with the Turbo Brush, or the Parquet Brush. It comes with the standard floorhead SBD285-3. It retails in Argos for £199.99. When you factor in the extra included tools and the extra free ones you get from JL, I ended up giving JL my order instead.

Of course, if you don't need the extra tools...

The fact it's factory seconds doesn't bother me in the slightest, but JL probably wouldn't pricematch on that point either.

But good post, as Domestics Direct have some very good deals on Miele goods and bringing it to the attention of HUKD can only be good.

I forgot to say, I confirmed with Miele that the factory seconds they sell at Domestics Direct do qualify for the 10 year warranty @ £30. (Well, the vacuum cleaners do, as it was them I asked about.)

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Miele are known to be sooo much better than Dyson. John Lewis are excellent at price matching both instore & internet prices too.
Our vacuum arrived this afternoon and we're really pleased with it. The colour is lush and it's smaller, lighter, more powerful and quieter than our old Miele Cat & Dog. I bought the 10 year warranty online and have sent off the form for the free tools. Happy days!
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