miele vacuum c3 extreme Currys - £139

miele vacuum c3 extreme Currys - £139

Found 6th Jan 2017
Not sure how good this is. Might be last year's model. But currys say it is a good discount....(!) Carpet performance is c. How good is this in reality? Is it worth holding out for the pet one for better performance? Any thoughts would be great.
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good hoover. got one in march at same price. on full power could suck a lemon thru a hosepipe
I don't get why people are voting this cold. I have had a Miele vacuum for a few months now. I also have a Dyson DC8, which I keep in the garage to vacuum the cars. There is no competition between suction. The Miele is just something else. Agreed they don't look like anything special, but never judge a book by it's cover. Yes the Miele takes bags, but I find it more hygienic to use the Miele bags because when you take them out, they are self sealing, so literally zero dust escapes. The bags last me approximately 3 months, that's with vacuuming once or twice a week.
I think voters think a vacuum cleaner with a bag is not worth the hassle. I have owned hoover, dyson & vax bagless cleaner nothing compares to my miele. I get the bags on offer usually at Argos they actually last a while
The C3 is great. Meile do cash back deals from time to time and that price for a C3 extreme seems very good. The tools make a difference, the main unit stays the same, so for example you get the pet focussed one, or like we have, the allergy version where you get all the tools Inc excellent turbo brush and allergy filters in the machine. Got my C3 Complete, on a deal, with cash back, delivered at about £195 I think it was. Very nice, refined, powerful machine. Think 2016 saw a drop in wattage from 1600 to 1200 watts due to EU regs but same performance.
Brilliant quiet vac. Bought one last time on offer. Super powerful. My old Miele now 25 years old and still going strong in the garage. Also have a Dyson, noisy, dirty, badly designed. Bagless is for the clueless, who need a dust shower evertime you empty a bagless cleaner. Miele bags last for ages and can be disposed of with zero mess.
I've had this model for about two years, the best vacuum cleaner I've used. Would recommend it. Heat added.
Heat added, seems like a good price. I bought the C3 cat and dog version a few months back when Currys offered it for around £199. I'd had a Dyson for over 10 yrs and my new Miele knocks spots off it. It's meant having to return to bags but i don't mind, the better suction and manouverability more than make up for it. Oh - and I can hoover my entire staircase without having to carry it upstairs.

good hoover. got one in march at same price. on full power could suck a … good hoover. got one in march at same price. on full power could suck a lemon thru a hosepipe

best vacuum producer ever
It is a hoover. Language evolves. Deal with it.

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​and a BJ isn't a blowj#b. it's a suck job. still does the same thing.
The Mrs rates this as the best household purchase we've ever made.
Best vacuum cleaner I've ever had this.

Absolutely p1sses on the Dysons I've had.

why is this only rated a 'C' for suction?
I will never forget getting this:


Given it to the mother in love as previously bagged the same one for 99 for ourselves
best vaccum I've ever had also
regarding this Miele vs Dyson debate. 3 years ago (before the EU reg nonsense were enforced) I had a dyson DC26 and also a Miele s6200 cat and dogs at the same time (by chance I ended up with both) and both were rated at 2000W. By far the Miele provided way more suction then the Dyson (you can just tell by putting your palm against the nozzle) so I quickly sold the Dyson on and the Dyson were not particularly hygienic in terms of waste removal as the hairball kept getting stuck in the can anyway and you often ended up with reaching your hands in trying to get them out spreading dust everywhere around the bin during the process which you ended up to vacuum all over anyway!

However, I have to admit I did recently purchased a handheld dyson for small jobs around the house as it is a hassle to bring out the almighty miele up and down the steps everyday and putting it away everytime.
How much less powerful would this be than a 10yr old miele 2000w? Ours keeps going but we will need to replace it at some point.
I have one it's great, massive suction, relatively light, quiet if one the lower power mode which also has very strong suction. It's really a nice bit of kit. Like others, best vacuum we've had.
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why is this only rated a 'C' for suction?

Because your mother sucks harder
I don't normally rave about vacuum cleaners but we bought one last year and it's the best I've ever used. Awesome suction.
I'm not sure how it compares to the 10 year old one; yes, the motor has a lower wattage rating (EU regs I think) but it's still very powerful and at the higher power settings almost impossible to move across a carpet.
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