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The Miele Black Friday Online Event
28/11/2018Expires on 28/11/2018Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Welcome to Miele’s online Black Friday event. This year, we plan to showcase Miele’s biggest ever Black Friday offerings, so be sure to check back in on the 19th November to take a… Read more

Simple repairs might be required of any brand. Miele's are easy to work on because they're made to be easily serviced. Mould or gunk build up within washing machines can happen to anyone, especially since liquid detergents became popular and washing temperatures have dropped. Every once in a while, the whole drawer and the water inlet jets above it need to be de-gunked and a full temp service wash every couple of months. AND, every time you've finished using the machine, leave the door open and the tray a little open to let the machine breathe to help the remaining water evaporate.


Bought a Miele washing machine as everyone said they were the best. After 2 years Miele washing machine wouldn’t empty the fabric conditioner from the drawer and because we hadn’t returned warranty form according to Miele it was a small fortune for a engineer call out. Apparently a common problem with their washing machines. Got rid of it and replaced with a Bosch 6 years ago which has been worry free.


I've thought about it but what about the environment when you scrap a 200 pound piece of metal and glass that works perfectly?


Then better to change it as cost you a lot of electricity to run.. I'm a miele users too though.


Got my local Miele independent dealer to beat the Miele BF price on a washing machine by £100 and with a 10 year warranty on promotion. Happy to shop local and know that if it breaks down I'll be covered for next decade. This dealer is also a Miele repair agent and can call them direct if worst happens - have read it can be a 2 week wait for a Miele repair person to turn up. I have another Miele washer at another property - no breakdowns in 5 years, but this time around I agree a 10 year warranty is a must on a product this expensive.

Miele Dishwasher tablets (60 pack), 1.5kg salt and 500ml rinse aid all for £10 delivered @ Miele
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Miele Dishwasher tablets (60 pack), 1.5kg salt and 500ml rinse aid for a tenner. Buy 2 for free Parcelforce delivery. Current deals at Tesco for the regular Fairy or Finish are £… Read more

Out of Stock, due for replenishment mid-December according to their Customer Service dept this morning.


Of course they'll be a rebranded product, but I think (or at least I hope) it will not be a bad product given that Miele's put their name on it.


Thanks - usually use finish powder and rinse aid but will give this a go as have a Miele machine!


My neighbour uses the Lidl ones and they do get the load really clean but, as I said, all their pots have lost their shine. I wonder who are making the Miele ones though as they might be the same as what you're buying as, I suspect, they will certainly will only be a rebadged product.


I got 40 tablets from Lidl at the weekend that already contain the salt/rinse aid for £1.99!

Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog (using voucher code and including 5 year warranty) £250 @ Miele
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Found this when buying form Miele directly. Enter voucher code BLIZZARD50 at check out to receive £50 off. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a 5 year warranty when buying from Mi… Read more

It's fine for average domestic situations. It's designed for short to mid-pile carpets. Do you have long hair and like to have haircuts at home? As it then might be a problem. I've not had any issues with the Miele, but then my nickname is Kojak.


It's not really as a good a deal as they make it out to be. It seems Miele's quite desperate to rid itself of superfluous stock. Don't get me wrong, they are great vacuum cleaners, but this Blizzard model, although quite high tech, is a little bulky especially when it comes to stairs. Take a look at the dimensions to make sure it's right for you. You can grab an alternative Blizzard. Comes with the same PowerLine (890 watt) motor. Take a look over at Miele's promotion section https://www.miele.co.uk/domestic/vacuum-cleaners-1784.htm?mat=10661230&name=Blizzard_CX1_Parquet_PowerLine_-_SKCF3 ...it comes with a lifetime HEPA filter and a parquet floor-head (natural bristles, great for wooden or delicate floors) included for £199. If you need a Turbo brush-head, you can pick up a MIELE STB 205-2 Turbobrush for £50 from Currys. More similar than different to the EcoTeQ Plus turbo brush, which according to Miele's accessories page, offers the same benefits, although only has 1 review, that's negative. It seems the EcoTeQ Plus turbo brush is a remake of the tried and tested STB-205 turbo brush. So, all in all, same total price but you get an additional floor head thrown in. The only immediate difference is that you end up with a glossy black instead of red, vacuum cleaner. The Obsidian Black hides its battle scars a little better in my opinion, plus it's quietly understated. If you don't want the parquet floorhead, I'll buy it for my Compact C1 that I bought a fortnight ago.




Might be a silly question....but how do you buy directly from Miele. I can't seem to see anywhere to add the vacum cleaner to a shopping basket!


The turbo brush is air-powered, not electric. Is this as bad as the Henry air-turbo brush, constantly clogging with hair? Has anyone used this cleaner?

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Save up to £140 on selected Miele Vacuum Cleaners when buying directly from Miele UK.
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
This promotion runs while stocks last. For a limited time save over £140 on the following vacuums from Miele. Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine - SCBF3 Now £149.00 Use … Read more

Hmm that looks like a nice price but I think I may be better off getting one that comes with a pet attachment. SO much choice! Now that's a deal.. I'll have to keep an eye out on their promotions!


It was from Miele. Two year standard guarantee extended to a whopping ten years in total for £20.......... But that was then.


I think you get a £10 voucher after registering your device, which you can use as part payment for the £60 bag/guarantee extension bundle. As for C3 deal, take a look at Miele COMPLETE C3 POWERLINE Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner £159.99. freenetelectrical.co.uk/mie…er/


Great cheers! Now I just need to wait for a good deal on a C3!


Extended 5 year warranty for Miele vacuum cleaner https://m.miele.co.uk/domestic/original-miele-dustbags-1836.htm?mat=09972130&name=SB_SET_FJM_CareBox_3D Or over at https://m.miele.co.uk/domestic/original-miele-dustbags-1836.htm?mat=09972140&name=SB_SET_GN_CareBox_3D

Miele Blizzard CX1 Parquet PowerLine - SKCE2 £100(w /code) @ Miele
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
The bagless Miele for £149, this is the 1200w version where all the newer ones are 900w, so I can only assume Miele are off'ing the old stock at this reduced price. SWING50 … Read more

Two years


Do these come with any sort of warranty?


Yeah it's a fair point. I'm in a sizeable 3 storey house so rather than sit in it's box this one will be used on the bottom floor and the other one on the top two floors. So it will get some use. (However now looking at robot hoover for the ground floor maybe)


I see, although that offer really doesn't apply to anyone else but you. And agree quite heavy. But it sits nicely on my stairs. Saying that someone upstream mentioned buying the turbo brush using the code and I thought that was pushing the envelope. But thanks to his spot, I managed to bag one for £50 off RRP. So thanks to who ever that poster was. (y)


haha I did actually explain earlier in the thread :). Basically my previous Miele died about 3 weeks ago and it wasnt covered by warranty (water damage!). When they told me they could not repair it, I was given a 20% loyalty discount if I buy another one, direct from Miele. I never got a code, they just said ring them up when I've decided what i want and they'll give me the 20%. So I was waiting for a decent offer to come up and then when this appeared, I rang up and they tried to apply the 20% discount but for some reason the lady said there was a problem with the code and it has gone through at 50%! With news of other people's orders being cancelled I cant believe it got through. As others have said it is a big beast, bigger and heavier than my last one, but I dont mind!

Miele C3 Cat and Dog turbo Powerline with free 5 year warranty, 2 years dustbags and filters (code/redemtion) £199 @ Miele
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Miele have knocked £100 off their C3 Cat and Dog turbo Powerline vacuum, (typical store price is around £240-250), but are also running a promotion where if you buy a C3 vacuum you… Read more

Email their customer service and they will add it on for you. You will only need to provide the serial no and order no.


Mine also had the Spanish thing. I binned it as I couldn't understand anything it said. Oops!


Mine had a warranty claim form in the care box but it was in Spanish. Emailed them and they added it on at their end and received an confirmation email few days later.


For anyone else who bought this vacuum, did the Carebox include the 5-year warranty as advertised? Mine didn't unfortunately. It had the filters and bags but no warranty documentation. Not a big deal but I would have liked to have the extra coverage.



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Miele TKB640 T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer £749 @ Miele
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
On clearance direct with Miele with free delivery and install included. £200 cheaper than other retailers including John Lewis. Newer model has identical specs except a marginall… Read more
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Gone now.


I've just looked at the instruction model for the dryer I have. Hotpoint (must have been the last one that was a Hoover that they replaced First Edition FETV 60). The manual says a full dry time is 107mins. As anyone who has one of these dryers knows if you left it on this long the clothes would be on fire or 1/4 of the size. Makes me wonder if the manufactures are playing silly beggars to encourage people to go for Heat Pump as 107mins is almost double the amount of time a full load actually takes.


Thank you for the the input it is appreciated. For reference My Hoover dryer is a 6kg model, and often gets overfilled as the washing machine is a 8kg model. It manages to dry whatever I put in, and dries in 60mins. This isn't a fluke either, as the original dryer I had (which was recalled due to fire safety) had same performance even after 8 years. If I do a half load (half of my washing machine so 4kg)the dryer goes on for 40mins. I am assuming the max my dryer can use in kwh based on it being a 60min dry is 2.2KWH. This still leads to feel we are being mislead by manufactures slightly that we wont save very much having a heat pump dryer. I thought the Miele used equiv. of 1.9kWh total for it's 2 hour spin using up to 1,100w, this compares to my total of 2.2kWh (which as you point out maybe a little lower) for it's full spin of 1 hour at 2,200w


Not really though. LED bulbs come on immediately, and light the room just as well (or better) than old school light bulbs, saving you 80% energy. By contrast, Heat pump tumble dryers are far, FAR slower than regular machines, often taking 4 hours rather than 1 hour to dry a load. So other than saving energy they work worse than the old tech. And the savings in terms of energy are far less than LED vs Incandescent - between 25 and 50% rather than 80%. I myself just bought http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/laundry/tumble-dryers/aeg-prosense-t6dbg822n-condenser-tumble-dryer-white-10158126-pdt.html for £379 + 2% quidco . I realise it's an inferior brand and so not a fair comparison, but even if the heat pump miele saves me 50% energy it'll take years to pay the difference. I'd rather buy the AEG, save the money now, and buy the future tech in say 2027 when it's had a chance to mature.


Thanks, I’ve gone for one. My old vented Bosch died some time ago, and I’ve been struggling on without a dryer, waiting for an offer like this. I’d just like to make a slight correction, energy consumption figures are given in kilowatt hours (kWh). Watts is a measure of instantaneous energy, also called power. To get energy you have to multiply this by time. I’m mentioning this just in case the figure you’ve given for your Hoover dryer is in fact in Watts and is therefore the maximum power it can draw from the wall socket and not the energy consumption per load. To compare figures for the energy consumption per load, you also have to compare each dryer’s full load. If you look at the Miele T 8722, which appears to be Miele’s only current domestic vented model, that has an energy consumption per load of 4.01kWh. That’s over 80% more than the figure you’ve given for your basic Hoover dryer. However, the full load for the Miele T 8722 is 7kg. If the full load of your Hoover dryer is only 4kg, around 80% less, that would give them approximately equal efficiencies. The full load for the Miele TKB 640 WP Eco is 8kg. So, that’s potentially twice the load for that 12% less energy. Of course, these figures don’t give you values for partial loads. A half-load should use roughly half the energy, but it won’t be exactly half the energy and could be a quite a bit more. For very light loads, the efficiency will be much worse. Imagine drying a single pair of socks in any sort of electric dryer. Ok, Japan briefly flirted with microwave clothes dryers, and they can efficiently dry a single pair of particularly small socks. You can think of heat pump (in German Wärmepumpe, hence the WP in the product name) technology as being to the old vented dryer as LED light bulbs are to their old incandescent counterparts.

Miele online shop - Pack of 8 Hyclean dustbags plus 1 HA50 Hepa filter £20.99 including delivery
Found 13th Jul 2017Found 13th Jul 2017
This seemed quite a good deal to me as the HA50 Hepa filter included normally retails for about £15 - £20 alone. Amazon are currently selling the filter alone for £20.49 - https://… Read more



cracking price, i'm down to my last bag as well so perfect timing.


Pack of 4 dustbags are £7.99 at Amazon So the Hepa filter works out at £5 when purchased from Miele

Miele Outlet Abingdon - refurbished/shop soiled Miele appliances  @ £££ off
LocalLocalFound 10th Jan 2017Found 10th Jan 2017
Examples: Compact C2 Hardfloor Ecoline £58 (unused but damaged box) from £120, or £50 in 'C' grade (refurbished) G4920 BK dishwasher £365.39 (display model) WDA101 washing mach… Read more

seriously, get yourself to John Lewis in person, clearance section, which is usually cancelled orders, some of the top name appliances at crazy reduced prices 30, 40, 50% off AEG, Bosch, Samsung, etc. includes full warranty (usual two years or more from John Lewis), and free delivery... fitted our full kitchen out this way... saved serious money. They have more stock arriving regularly, so if you want something in particular... keep trying back each weekend...


certain days of the week they do not open, check first


Yes, you can get some great deals here, even better if you know someone who works in Management (_;)


stock price list http://shop.miele.co.uk/resources/pdf/MieleOutletPricelist.pdf


Info: https://www.miele.co.uk/domestic/outlet-2991.htm Stocklist: http://shop.miele.co.uk/resources/pdf/MieleOutletPricelist.pdf (not live, call to confirm availability)

Miele Compact C2 EcoLine Plus Vacuum Cleaner £120 @ Miele
Found 9th Jan 2016Found 9th Jan 2016
Miele Compact C2 EcoLine Plus direct from Miele.co.uk This is the latest 'A' energy efficiency rated 700W compact model. Next cheapest place is around £160 http://pricespy.co.uk/… Read more
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This Miele C2 deal cannot be found for this price or even a similar price as stated in the deal. Therefore its a false advertisement.




excellent vacuum cleaner, manage to get it for £100 about 6 months ago but this is a good price for it.

miele dustbags and air filter bundled deal £24.99 @ miele shop
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
I was shopping to get some more of these and happened to look at their site yesterday. No deals, but as if by magic, e-mail received from Miele today offering a continuation of th… Read more

nice find


Great find, have been looking for these for ages .Thank you :3


Thanks Tidester - I'd add more heat, but don't think I'm allowed. ;)


exactly what i got them for twitwoo. Miele cat and dog turbo 5000. classy model!


Looks a good deal op - heat. Do you happen to know if these fit the cat + dog miele vacuum?

MIELE Genuine accessories (dustbags and filters) reduced from Miele
Found 20th Sep 2015Found 20th Sep 2015
Received email from Miele buy 2 dustbags for £15 delivered, usually £10.49 each. Air filters also discounted. Free delivery over £15. Offer lasts till end of September. Good discou… Read more



This offer is on in argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3191181.htm#pdpPromotions


Offer is not expired? Just click on "your text here" comment above and press red £ fir offer to work!


Cant seem to post link, probably cos using tablet? Your text here


Do you have a link? Just been on their site and there is no mention of the deals??

2 Packs of Genuine Miele dustbags £15 delivered @ miele
Found 14th Apr 2015Found 14th Apr 2015
Usually around £10 a pack for genuine miele dustbag packs (4 bags + 2 filters). GN and U packs also on same offer

not genuine but you can get 20 bags with 2 x 4 filters for £14.99 on ebay


Why do people buy machines with bags these days?


Really!!!! Wow how do you get by in life then if you can't empty a dust canister into a bin bag without creating a cloud of dust..No wonder people like you are still spending a fortune on these bags! Looks like the marketing men at Miele brainwashed all of you here who are still buying bags, but then again thats not to hard when you don't have half a brain! :D


No I've not sold anything since I was about 10 when we used to have jumble sales oO


tried selling them on ebay or on here

miele dustbags : 2 packs  for £15 and use promocode for extra 20% off for £12 (JAVBC20)
Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Had an email for this offer saying the dust bags are 2 for £15 , individual packs are £10.49 .When reached the checkout it will give you a promo code JAVBC20 for an additional 20 … Read more

Still a valid deal and discount code - many thanks OP :)


At £6 per box these are the cheapest OEM Miele bags you'll find. It seems the Hyclean 3D efficiency version bags (also on the Miele web site at £10.49 for 4 before the 20% saving) will replace them which is probably why they are discounted now. I've stocked up. My Cat and Dog Miele (I don't even have a cat or dog) has been running for 11 years now, all that's gone wrong is the tools cover hinge is broken. The other Miele I have is 15 years old and still going strong. Dyson owners don't know what they're missing.


Managed to get hold of a refurbished Miele S8310 Power Plus today for £99, looks like brand new, direct from the Abingdon outlet They didn't have any bags left though. Used this deal to buy 4 packs - great price for OEM. Thanks for the heads up.


Hot, same price as unbranded...ordered two lots for two different vacuums - thank you :)


Fantastic value. Excellent service. Fast delivery.. HOT HOT HOT!!!

Miele S7210 upright vacuum cleaner £200 @ Miele (official online shop)
Found 27th Apr 2014Found 27th Apr 2014
Miele upright vacuum for only £200. (in Yellow.) These usually retail for about £300 but have recently come down in price with a couple of retailers including John Lewis - the offi… Read more

I have the pet version of this, wow, beats everything else I have tried. The suction is brilliant leaves stripes on your carpet! The Sebo Felix comes a close second but doesn't have half the tools of the Miele.


Have some heat


These are the dogs as far as vacs go. - I didn't used to think so, but when you know you know.


great deal, considering the black one is £300, will work great on my 1970's carpet.


Great vacuum cleaner had ours two years now! Sounds like a small aircraft though! Got mine for £150 when comet went bust!

free 10 yr Warranty on all Miele Washing machines
Found 5th Apr 2012Found 5th Apr 2012
Until the end of April, get the parts and labour warranty on all miele washing machines extended to TEN years at no cost - you can buy the machine at any dealer - doesn't have to b… Read more

spot on mate...........what i like is those that tell u their life story..........and the Miele is such a good looker... i would put it in the pantry


Get u.............a bit of a snob


The ISE (Independant service engineers) Are indeed made in the same factory as the ASKO ...the company is based in the UK and the machines are built to the ISE spec ...it is NOT rebadged the build quality is superb and equaly important the cost of spare parts is much much more realistic than the Miele. it seems to me that Miele have started to compete with a slightly lower end and are producing machines at lower prices, in my honest opinion that is a BIG mistake. In reply to those who accuse Miele owners of "Snobery" you may also consider how your buy it now chuck it out three years later machine actualy does it's job? Miele wash performance has always been superb .....ISE is better and should it ONLY last for ten years it has cost you £1.92 per week. The ISE is a huge outlay and not everyone can afford that..........look for a second hand miele! far far better than a new ...pretty much anything else!


Just rang up Miele and they told me it's the purchase date, you have 28 days to fill in the form and get it to them.


Does anyone know if the end of April deadline applies to purchase or delivery date? I've looked in all the T&Cs I can find but there is no mention of it. Thanks Brian

Miele S7210 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner £159.99 (RPP£270) /argos +  free 10 years warranty on miele.co.uk
Found 19th Feb 2012Found 19th Feb 2012
One of the best upright vacuum cleaners (better than Dyson). Very limited stock in Argos but good potential for price-match (price match from Currys take the price down for anoth… Read more
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Well I feel that is a little unfair, though clearly quality has a cost. I was referring to the claim Dyson are superior by making the point about warranties.If you check Dyson's RRP (for upright vacuums - exclude clearance models) below you will see that only two are slightly cheaper, two are the same price and five cost more. As they don't have a 10 year warranty then it doesn't seem fair to suggest Miele build the warranty cost in. There are opinions and facts, I was trying to stick with facts and for the RRP (as you wish to refer to) - most dysons cost more and have a much shorter warranty. See the official Dyson site here: http://www.dyson.co.uk/store/hmc.asp


Confidence or build the warranty into the RRP?


Dyson don't have the confidence to offer a free 10 year warranty on their products - FACT


Don't buy into the hype, may be good build quality but doesn't function as well as a Dyson, FACT!


Yes I did fine one £100 but it hasnt paid up yet.

Free 10 year warranty on Miele S7 model upright vacuum cleaners
Found 30th Dec 2011Found 30th Dec 2011
Just purchased a Miele S7260 Cat & Dog upright vacuum from Very for bargain price of £169. Resisted Very's attempts to sell me a 4 year warranty for £88. Checked the Miele w… Read more

How come their warranties say "Excludes Northern Ireland". Surely that is some form of discrimination? Feckers!


Standard warranty is 2 years. Some retailers sell with a 5 year and if you buy the vacuum direct from Miele they have some offers where they include a 5 year warranty and 4 boxes of spare bags. 10 years seems to be a great deal but with Miele reliability good chance I will never need it!


I did do a post in the deal section when I bought it but it only reached a paltry 14 degrees of heat! Very had slashed the price to £199 (don't know when they reduced price but I purchased on 23rd December as my old Dyson gave up the ghost that day) so I opened a credit account and used a £30 off first credit account purchase of £100 voucehr code to get it reduced to £169 plus £3.95 delivery. I think price went back up straight after Christmas. I guess I was just very lucky. Had to return first machine as it had a bent pin on the plug. However took delivery of replacement yesterday. The replacement was delivered free of charge.


How did you get this price....is shows £299 on their website


Sure this was standard warranty if you registered on Miele site, it was when I bought my S5261. It says £30 on the site and in the box paperwork but seem to remember it then says free when you actually go on the site to do it. Very pleased with my S5, great bit of kit and I don't even have any cats or dogs, just bought it because it comes top in the reviews.

Miele S2110 Lotus White Vacuum Cleaner £129.95 From Mieledirect with Free P+P
Found 26th Jun 2011Found 26th Jun 2011
Top Quality with reliability and the cheapest i've came across delivered Special offer on discontinued model, while stocks last. The entry level S2 cylinder cleaner provides excell… Read more
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It's not even the same one!!


just realised this is quite an old post ooops


Cheaper here


Its got a bag aaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!