Mighty Boosh Live Dvd for £4.99 delivered @ HMV

Mighty Boosh Live Dvd for £4.99 delivered @ HMV

Found 22nd Mar 2007
The Mighty Boosh Live double dvd £4.99 delivered from HMV

The Mighty Boosh hit the road in this live concert film, which finds Vince, Howard, Naboo and the rest of the gang going on a quest to the a mythical lost Ruby. The Bosh set off round the world looking for the mystical ruby which can restore life, but are hindered on their way by ice monsters, strange mystical forest dwelling spirits and of course, The Hitcher. Will Vince and Howard manage to save the day, how many times will Bob Fossil interrupt the show? And will Bollo get the film role he's after?
special features
Backstage & Tour Documentary
A Deleted Scene
The Culture Show Piece
This the best price ive found by far its £14.99 @ Play,£13.99 Amazon,Blah!£15.99 the next cheapest was Choices @ £12.89
Dont forget Quidco for 10% back.


Thanks! I was looking for this last week and the cheapest I could find was on choices, so I decided to leave it... Glad I did now!

Gotta love the boosh, man.......heated

DOH.... locked my hmv account out.... cannot order at min....


what a total ganga (bargain), I'm tempted to buy it though I already have it! I paid a lot more than that though.
Great find.

Didn't think much of the The Mighty Boosh Live dvd, but if it keeps Vince in jackobian ruffs and Howard in Jazz albums buy the dvd.

Here is a great deal for any Mighty Boosh fan

The Mighty Boosh - Series 1 £4.95 free p+p



Ordered this and voted hot, I love a bit of the boosh.

@ascot, that's the price for them on UMD, it's the same as on HMV.

Love the Boosh! I'm definitely ordering this one. Thanks for the tip.

Brill. Super find. Just come across the post. Suitable reputation added

Completes my Boosh collection. Been waiting for a good price on this :thumbsup:

And probably be waiting the same amount of time before it gets delivered! :giggle: :whistling: ;-)

Hey guys, just to let you all know this seems to be an instore offer aswell as online. Instore the price of this item is £6 so £1 dearer but if you don't want to wait on shipping and your in town it might be worth it. I assume this to be nation wide, it was that price in the Chesterfield store anyway.

Personally I'm so tight I'll save me the quid :P

Blooming hell mine's been shipped. Wake me up someone. Guess that's worthy of a Talk Sport miracle.

Nice find, thanks!

No more bargain price - now gone up to £21.99!!!

Ouch - That hurts @ that price!! So should've bought it earlier now!! Wonder ifit's still 6 Squid instore?

It's £5 in the Play.com sale.


It's £5 in the Play.com sale.

that is a bargain

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