MilanGo Madlen Chocolates 280g - £1.99 @B&M

MilanGo Madlen Chocolates 280g - £1.99 @B&M

Found 4th Jun 2013
Chocolate & pistachio, and chocolate & orange flavours. Best before is August 7th.
Forty pieces of chocolate in them.

Not the finest chocolate I've tasted by a long stretch, but really fancy packaging (thought I was going to see an iPad when it opened up) so may be nice as a present for somebody.
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Edited by: "mamboboy" 4th Jun 2013
I thought it was a laptop when I looked at the picture.
This is way better!
Bought some of these on Sunday
Look good but imo don't taste that great
please check the link
I bought some in Blackpool this week for £1.99. 342 g e 35 chocolates in the box equals less than 6p per chocolate. Motif designed by Karim Rashid. There were two versions, dark and milk with pistachio, milk chocolate with pistachio. I love pistachio products, so I loved these, there is a pistachio nut inside. Milk chocolate (53%) with pistachio (7%) and pistachio cream (40%), the pistachio cream is 11% pistachio. RRP must be considerably more than the £1.99 paid. Common old hazelnut cream chocolates can easily cost over £10.
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