Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts Fin Carré - 17p @ LIDL

Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts Fin Carré - 17p @ LIDL

Found 10th Nov 2012
Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts Fin Carré Just 17p !!! 100g



Milk Chocolate is 17p an Hazelnut is 19p in my local store. Max 6 each per customer,we stocked up, very nive chocolate too.
- Groovii D
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My local has the milk chocolate at 17p and the hazelnut at 39p. Wholenut was 69p.
my local just had the milk chocolate today for 17p..
39p in my local. Where did you get it for 17p?

39p in my local. Where did you get it for 17p?

Rigby Street, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 7AA
Thanks m8
Luton LIDL has Milk Choco for 17p & hazelnuts for 19p
Amazing value - and it Italy's very nice, I think part of normal national deal (again the odd store is always excluded) HOT
Yum. Do you know if this is one of their weekend only deals?
It is part of the weekend special offers that they have every weekend.

Chocolate Nesquick is on offer too, £1.24 for 500ml tub.
All the press ads show the Milk Choc bars @17p ,
so went to my local Harlow store and bought 15 bars,
(stocking up for Xmas you know)!!
No other chocolate on sale!!
Insert your postcode to see what the weekend offer is in your area, they are on the last page of the pdf.…htm

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Milk chocolate advertised at my local but went in store and the hazlenut one was on it as well, so might be worth checking regardless of what your local says is on offer.

Had to resist buying any though as I can't resist the stuff and would easily get through a bar of it a day.

Resisting delicious chocolate that's a great bargain, no easy feat :P
Middlewich LIDL has Milk Chocolate for 17p & hazelnuts for 19p
I was very good and only bought 10 bars! (_;)
I was 'only' bought a 40 bars:p X)
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nice chocolate, picked up a few bars earlier, have some heat my friend.
Someone told me they taste like sugar but they are fat **** to proud to say they dont love chocolate as they are on a diet.
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