Milka 100g Chocolate Bars - 60p at Asda

Milka 100g Chocolate Bars - 60p at Asda

Found 8th Oct 2010
As the title says, Milka 100g Chocolate Bars are 60p at Asda.

I picked up the following three types:

Alpine Milk
Dime Bar
White and Milk chocolate mix


Just had a few squares of the Daim/Dime one. NYOOOMMMMMM

Dime bar! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm:)

mine are 67p lol wonder why 7p more heat added anyways

thanks OP. decent choccy - one of my biggest cravings during this, my third pregnancy. just ordered 3 with our shopping! should last me all of 15 minutes if i can keep 2 other little pairs of hands from them!!!

Already posted

These are also 3 for £2 at Poundland right now... which includes the new limited edition cookies & cream and space dust varieties!

cold 3 for £1 in meadowhall poundland


why expired?
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