Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g 50p @ Morrisons

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g 50p @ Morrisons

Found 30th Oct 2016Made hot 30th Oct 2016
Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g only 50p at Morrisons when you order by 20/11/2016.



good find op, heat added

Been this price for months

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Been this price for months

At your local probably!

Not a local at main supermarket.
And not just alpine milk there is 3 different bars for 50p

These are at this price regularly TBH, same as the 50p Oreos. Still good though!

my local Morrison's had some reduced for 25p. worth a look

my local had the happy cows bars reduced to 15p!


At your local probably!

It's on offer for 50p all the time. Ive barely ever seen it in Morrisons for more than 50p

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Thanks for that guys!
This is my favourite chocolate bar. I usually pay 96p online... Sometimeso, 50p when on offer.

the price of this in Morrisons is up and down between £1 and 50p nearly every week....50p offer has been on at least 8 times this year alone, another Morrisons price rig effort....
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Can't believe how much heat this is getting as it nearly 50p most of the time, Morrisons then jacks the price up to £1 & back down to 50p as I've seen this happening a few times this year alone.

if they have the tricolade bar, I'm involved.

milk chocolate , white and cream available - loads in Leamington morrisons , yesterday at least

Also Cadburys 'Big Tasty' triple chocolate down to £2


I buy this quite regularly and the mrs favors it & i'm in Morrisons at least a couple of times a week.

I have never seen this price before - always on the lookout for deals too as chocolate is such a rip off these days, so i don't think it is a national thing often.

Farmfoods have them for 49p I buy the full box as I make fudge haha

Nearly as tasty as the 30p Lidl chocolate

we know about this online too/
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