Milka Chocolate 100g Half Price 44p

Milka Chocolate 100g Half Price 44p

Found 10th Sep 2008Made hot 11th Sep 2008
Went to sainsbury's yesterday and Milka is now half price at 44p for 100g making it alot cheaper than the other chocolate, it is also very nice tasting. They only had two varieties of Milka in my local store. Cream and The mixed one (Milk chocolate and white chocolate) However both tasted very nice. I didn't ask but I'm assuming the price drop is nationwide.Not sure if its available online either. Oh and its my first post so take it easy


Yummy thanks

repeat post

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Sorry then, But I couldnt find anything on it?

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But who wants any of that stuff when you can get Milka for 44p!

It's already been posted days ago...............

Think it's cheaper in home bargains - got the cream one at the wkend but not sure how much, think 41p :?

why is the milka cow purple???:)
yum yum!

They have over 50 different kinds of Milka in Germany.
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