Milka Snax Daim Pouch (150g) ...  79p - Home Bargains

Milka Snax Daim Pouch (150g) ... 79p - Home Bargains

Found 9th Jun 2012
Never even seen these before... I love the Daim Milka though so they should be delicious!


Good times!

I don't particularly like daim, however great deal! Heat added;)

I bought some of these when I was over in Germany. Never seen them in the UK. They are very addictive - much better than the bars of Milka Daim as they have other crunchy bits in them.

Don't do it......bought a pack on Sat at 1pm, gone by 1.10pm you have been warned

great find have some heat

Saw them in the East Lancs store for 89p yesterday.

good price for 150g of chocolate

Fun times!
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