Milkybar buttons 100g tube only 13p at Tesco instore

Milkybar buttons 100g tube only 13p at Tesco instore

Found 29th Dec 2016
milkybar buttons 100g Christmas tube only 13p post Xmas clear out I guess. found at both my local tesco. couldn't find deal posted before.
Also cadbury snowballs 30p
small fruit cake 25p
massive fruit cake from £6 to £1
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not national
asked in both stores told national reduction according the their computers hope this helps.
Not national - some items half price in both my local shops.
Definitely not national unfortunately
good find op, heat added
50p in my local.
What tesco ?
Wouldn't it be cool if they did this in a biscuit
Also 50p in my local
Receipt would be nice, 13p sure this would sell at 50p. Not saying it wasn't 13p but that's just a ridiculous price. Giving Heat Op
Which tesco?
50p in Bedford tesco
50p at my local
50p in my local.
Sadly, another random Tesco deal only available in a few places. Hot if you are in one of those places though!!
Could atleast state which store?
yep not national
50p in my local Tesco this morning. Snowballs still £1 a pack
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