milkybars with biscuit and raisins 10 for £1 @ FarmFoods

milkybars with biscuit and raisins 10 for £1 @ FarmFoods

Found 18th Feb 2011Made hot 18th Feb 2011
milky bar with biscuit and raisin 25p each or 10 for £1.00.stock is dated end march 2011 and stock is this price in every store assuming they have any left.


Mmmmmmmmmmm...... my favourite.......thank you

These seem to be reduced in most stores that are stocking them atm. My local newsagent said they were asked by the suppliers to clear the entire stock of them.
Great price for a great bar though

these are horid. the original milky bar is the best. cheap though so hot.

Or you could put them in the freezer to "Freeze in the goodness"?

I love these, only just discovered them :-)

There is a shop in Twickenham - Cutters in Crown Road St Margarets that have them at £1.50 for a box of 36!!!!
and they have loads of them.

My local costcutter also has these at 10p each, sounds like the suppliers need to get rid of them!

Thanks for this,got 10 for £1 from my local farmfoods,great offer and delicious chocolate!X)

How much for 1 to test...15p?
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