Millennium - Season 1 Box Set (6 Discs) Only £11.99 Delivered   4% quid-co @

Millennium - Season 1 Box Set (6 Discs) Only £11.99 Delivered 4% quid-co @

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Found 13th Jun 2008
Cheapest i could find this for!

After 10 years with the FBI, former FBI serial killer profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) returns home to Seattle with his family . However, his work experience has left him able to "see" into the minds of killers. This makes him a valued member of the Millennium Group, a shadowy organisation dedicated to tracking evil and bringing its perpetrators to justice...

Episodes comprise:
1. Pilot
2. Gehenna
3. Dead Letters
4. The Judge
5. 522666
6. Kingdom Come
7. Blood Relatives
8. The Well-Worn Lock
9. Wide Open
10. The Wild And The Innocent
11. Weeds
12. Loin Like A Hunting Flame
13. Force Majeure
14. The Thin White Line
15. Sacrament
16. Covenant
17. Walkabout
18. Lamentation
19. Powers, Principalities, Thrones And Dominions
20. Broken World
21. Maranatha
22. Paper Dove


Original Poster Banned

Excellent show, brings back some scary memories.

Show never got the full credit it deserved, pushed the boundaries of television in the mid-late 90's and as a result always on these shores had a late night time slot because of it.

As much of a X Files fan I am, I would have to say at times I preferred the sinister nature of Millennium. Anyone who hasn't seen the show definitely its worth checking out for £11.99, voted hot.

yeah it was a gripping series, sinister and scary, i tend to think that maybe this is why it was canned! thinking back, it was like the movie se7en in it's sinister style and maybe this was just a bit too much for tv in the mid to late nineties

liked this but it did scare the c**p out of me
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