Millets 6 Man Family Tent. INSTORE £49.99

Millets 6 Man Family Tent. INSTORE £49.99

Found 11th Jul 2008
Went into Millets and as part of their sale they have a Eurohike 6 man tent called 'Family' for £49.99, Reduced from £99.

Can't find any information or pictures about it at all, and they didn't have any information instore either, apart from the price and it's 1.80mtr high in the middle.

Two rooms either side with a 'communal' bit in the middle.

I bought it and it seems huge, and being Eurohike it means it'll be pretty robust!

First deal so be nice.


So was it a bigger version of ]this one?

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Yes!! good find!

Milets suck, come to Cotswold outdoors.

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Do they do 6 man tents for £49?
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