Millets - Shop Deal - Tent Pack £18

Millets - Shop Deal - Tent Pack £18

Found 9th Jan 2010
First time I have posted a deal - taken advantage of many - my turn to offer something back.

Went into Millets today looking for a light tent, for the odd night or two Camping Light.

The Saleswoman pointed me to what she thought an absolute bargain, a Tent Pack - usually £59:99 - reduced to £49:99 in the Sale - I said, "That's not a good offer" She responded by saying that they had just been instructed to reduce them again ... to £18!!

The pack comprises:-

Eurohike 2 man tent + 2 sleeping bags + 2 foam mats - all packed in a decent storage bag.

I cannot see the item on their website (maybe discontinued stock?) - but the store in Basingstoke had about 6 on the shelf.

If it's what you are looking for, I think it is a steal .... good luck - and thanks for all your deals over the years!


michelle mcmanus should be okay then:thumbsup:

Did the saleswoman say "Well sir - now is the winter of our discount tents!"


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Hmmmm, very good! She did look like Scargil - I must admit :-)

Eurohike:..As available in a post Glastonbury field by the dozen.
For £18 its an extremely competitive deal, but dont expect it to be particularly resiliant to our wetter or colder summers.

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I was looking for a tent to spend one or two nights in ... in the height of summer, no rain and nightime temps of 24 degrees. I will not be trekking to the North Pole, and hoping the £18 Tent Pack would hold up against a Polar Bear attack in minus 50 degrees ...... ha ha ha ha ......

What madel and model are the sleeping bags?

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The Sleeping Bags are Eurohike - they have no model number on them ..........
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