Millies Cookies.BOGOFF at manchester trafford centre £2.99 - 6+6free
Millies Cookies.BOGOFF at manchester trafford centre £2.99 - 6+6free

Millies Cookies.BOGOFF at manchester trafford centre £2.99 - 6+6free

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Bought 6 cookies and the girl said a deal was on for 6 free. Then asked if I wanted the free ones!!!!!!! has a giraffe got a long neck


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I could eat the 12 myself!!!!!!!!

they have the vouchers on the website
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The answer to your question is yes according to wiki:-

"The giraffe's extreme altitude is a consequence of its extremely elongated neck, which can be over 2 m (7 ft) in length,[33] accounting for nearly half of the giraffe's vertical height. The increase in neck length results from the disproportionate elongation of the cervical vertebrae, rather than the addition of more vertebrae. The cervical vertebrae comprise about 45–50% of the giraffe vertebral column, compared to the 30% typical of similar large ungulates, including the giraffe’s closest extant relative, the okapi. This elongation, which occurs in large part after birth,[34] is a 150% increase in vertebrae length over similar sized animals – in fact, the non-cervical sections of the giraffe vertebral column exhibit identical proportions to those in okapi.
In addition to their elongated cervical vertebrae, in giraffes the point of articulation between the cervical and thoracic vertebrae is shifted to lie between T1 and T2, the first and second thoracic vertebrae, rather than between C7 and T1, as in most other ruminants.[33][34] This allows C7 to contribute directly to increased neck length, and has sparked the suggestion that T1 is actually C8, and giraffes have added an extra cervical vertebra.[35] However, this proposition is generally not accepted, as T1 has other morphological features, such as an articulating rib, deemed diagnostic of thoracic vertebrae. Also, the exceptions to the mammalian constraint of seven cervical vertebrae are generally characterized by increased neurological anomalies and maladies, symptoms that have not been observed in giraffes.[33]
There are two main hypotheses regarding the evolutionary origin and maintenance of elongation in giraffe necks.[36] The “competing browsers hypothesis” was originally suggested by Charles Darwin and only challenged recently. It suggests that competitive pressure from smaller browsers, such as kudu, steenbok, and impala, drove the elongation of the neck so giraffes could reach nutrients competitors could not. This advantage is real – giraffes can and do feed up to 5 m, while most of their competitors, kudu, can only feed up to about 2 m (7 ft).[37] There is also research suggesting that browsing competition below 2 m is intense, and giraffes feed more efficiently (gaining more leaf biomass per bite) higher in the canopy.[38][39] However, scientists disagree about just how much time giraffes spend feeding at levels unreachable to other browsers.[36][37][40] Although giraffes can feed as low as 0.5 m and as high as 6 m off the ground, it appears that they most often feed between 2 and 4 m (7–14 ft).[40] However, elephants also routinely feed at heights up to 5 m (they knock down only a minority of the trees they feed on), and are likely competitors at these heights. Competition for food with other giraffes could also favor the evolution of tall necks.
The other main theory, the sexual selection hypothesis, proposes that the long necks evolved as a secondary sexual characteristic, giving males an advantage in "necking" contests (see below) to establish dominance and obtain access to sexually receptive females.[41] In support of this theory, males have proportionally larger necks than females,[36][41] and males with longer, bigger necks are more successful in dominance displays and courtship behavior.[42] However, a major criticism of this theory is that it fails to adequately explain why female giraffes also have long necks.[43]"

So is this nationwide?

It's pretty much in all of their branches. You don't need to ask or anything. Just go to their website, and print off the vouchers.

Cold, these cookies get smaller and smaller. The best cookies are from M&S.


I looove Millie's cookies and tea. Yum.

It's true though. Every year they get smaller and prices go up. They are too expensive. Subway cookies are an excellent alternative.

They're always on offer, look on voucher cloud.

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r simsini

Cold, these cookies get smaller and smaller. The best cookies are from … Cold, these cookies get smaller and smaller. The best cookies are from M&S.

well go to m&s then. you don't understand the meaning of hotdeals!!!!! Just because you don't like a product or store does not mean you can vote cold. The idea is to choose if a deal is a good one or not.....6+6 free is an amazing deal.



It's a fashion thing. It's currently 'in' to add a superfluous 'for' when dealing with the word 'free'. Instead of Boy One, Get One Free, you now have Buy One, Get One For Free, or buy x, and get y for free. What makes me chuckle is that not only is it incorrect and unnecessary, but it even sounds awkward when you say it, and you'd think people would think that it wasn't right, but, nope, society is full of sheep, and one just copies the other.:p

thanks for that quietus, never seen the extra f before
this isn't bogof anyway, if you have to buy 6 X)

[quoter simsini
Cold, these cookies get smaller and smaller. The best cookies are from M&S.][/quote] Don't take the biscuit,this is a good deal,HEAT Penguini

This is not a good deal at all. When they used to be called Cookie Jar, the mini cookies were the size that the standard ones are now.

my gf loves these cookies. I'm not a huge fan of cookies but voted hot since i'll be buying her a bunch of cookies tmrw
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