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144 Millie's Cookies £49.99
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
If you visit a Millie's Cookies store, you can get a gift box for £49.99. Inside you'll find 12 vouchers, each for a box of 12 cookies. The boxes of 12 cookies normally cost £6.99 … Read more
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Is the gift box vouchers only, or does it have cookies in it too?


thank you


You couldn't pay me to eat them. I give away the ones I get for free on o2 priority


144, that's gross. (y)


Oh crumbs!

Years Supply of Cookies - £50 for 144 cookies (usually £1.29 each) @ Millies Cookies
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Gift box contains 12 gift vouchers, each for a box of 12 cookies, so 144 cookies in total. The boxes of 12 cookies normally cost £6.99 individually, so with this deal you will be … Read more

Nothing is disappointing about vouchers however it says cookies on the box so the disappointment comes from the false advertising but i guess that concept is unfamiliar to someone as condesending as yourself.


Maybe... in my household they wouldnt last 2 months! Lol


Of course. But plenty of people forget. Vouchers are advance payment and they aren't always obliged to honour them. And they often have expiry dates which in my opinion, is really low.


I think they look at winter days in a year.... ;)


Im sure you can redeem them as you please? Dont need to wait that long before you redeem all vouchers? Before a company goes into receivership you will know in advance. It doesnt happen overnight so you have some time to go redeem your vouchers! :)

£49.99 for 144 Millie's Cookies@Millie's Cookies
Found 13th Dec 2016Found 13th Dec 2016
If you visit a Millie's Cookies store (find your nearest), you can get a gift box for £49.99. Inside you'll find 12 vouchers, each for a box of 12 cookies. The boxes of 12 cookies … Read more
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​yes please :D


If the cookies are free what else do you get for the £1 card? Think you mean 25p a cookie which is an okay price for these!


contact me if anyone wants millies cookie cards . 4 free cookies £1 for a card :D


Can't beat Subway's Oat & Raisin (which I'm sure are laced with cocaine) - I believe they're about £37.50 for 150.


I just think as a multipack the company shouldn't be comparing it to the price of a single, clearly they are then able to produce big batches, get a down payment of £50 (?!) which is huge for a snack company, and bet on the fact that the receiver likely won't end up using all 12 vouchers due to time/memory etc.

144 Millie's cookies £49.99  instore & online
Found 24th Sep 2016Found 24th Sep 2016
Any one fancy getting for fat for winter well here is your way in 50 cookies while watching some repeat on tv Enjoy
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These have definitely gone up in price again. We have been given these as a family Christmas present for the last two years. ( we pick up a box of 12 to share between all of us once a month so not too terrible) but I think we won't be getting them again now. :(


Lmao is expensive but we all know we want them like fat bloke said ideal present


Free diabetes included


12 x voucher for box of 12 cookies. Maybe good Xmas present vouchers? I love these cookies and always buy a box if going to London for the day and waiting at Euston station.


34p a biscuit. get a full packet of jammy dogers for that. Brrrr cold

£40 for 144 Millie's cookies ( usually 99p each)
Found 11th Apr 2015Found 11th Apr 2015
Great for wedding favours Use 12 vouchers throughout the year Ongoing Go to your nearest Millie's Cookies store and get a gift box for £39.99. Inside you'll find 12 vouchers, eac… Read more

Comment Sure a cookie isn't gonna kill you


Put one in each persons place at the table.


Comment Why would you need a wedding box. I said great for wedding favours. As in you pu


health 0-1 obesity


I'm presuming you also have the wedding box of cookies.. Which you have not included. Sounds More like a buy a £40 box and get 144 cookies free..

Millies cookies Year's supply of cookies was £39.99 now 20%off - £32 instore
Found 1st Aug 2014Found 1st Aug 2014
may not be everyone favorite, but it's good enough for me, £32 for 12 boxes of 12 cookies. works out £2.66 a box!! I always get a box when kids go to their friends house, better… Read more

" it will not expire "... meant the cards, not the cookies. :-p


there is no date or month printed on the card, so, you can get it anytime, I got two boxes at the same time once. and it will not expire , unless it go bankrupt???


can you get more than 1 box a month? we get through 12 in about half hour lol


Can you get them all at once?


3 cookies a week wouldn't go far in my house!

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Get 144 Millie's cookies with 12 different vouchers for just £35 @ local Millie's store
Found 15th Jun 2014Found 15th Jun 2014
Hi there this deal is still going but not sure for how long the link will take you to the web page saying the offer exists but you will have to go down to your local store and ment… Read more
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you just go into the store and ask for it



Our store in Poole I shutting down on sat. very sad


Got any before & after photos of her?


Good if your school is having a fundraiser ie to sell

Millie's cookies buy 12 get 12 free
Found 5th Jan 2014Found 5th Jan 2014
Leaflet on counter at Millie's cookies offer either buy 4 cookies and get 4 free for £3.19 or buy 12 and get 12 free for £6.19

They are so expensive now!


Might be a deal in Millie's mind, but they are vastly overpriced. Cheaper and often better alternatives out there.


Voted cold as local Millie's had never heard of this


This is a good deal, Millies cookies are awesome. If you can't get to a branch or are feeling a bit more creative, they are really easy to make:


The vouchers have not been put online... when I asked the Millies Cookies stores at Meadowhall Shopping Centre I was told that they had no vouchers to give out... they were all given out before Christmas for people to redeem afterwards.... I presume a ploy/bid to stop people just buying the cookies when vouchers are on and to reward loyal customers who shopped in the run up to Christmas :-(

144 Cookies (12 per month) From Millies Cookies for £35.00
Found 24th Apr 2013Found 24th Apr 2013
This deal was advertised some while ago but I just noticed it on Martin Lewis Website so thought it would be ok to repost for the bensfit of new members or those who missed it firs… Read more

yea but if you bake your own... you get fatter! factoid


To say this has been listed before would be an understatement.


Could not agree more, we've stopped buying cookies since we began making our own


If I could make time, I'd be extremely popular. Even more than if I made cookies ;)


Cookies/Cakes are so EASY and fun to make.... at a fraction of the cost Get the cook books FREE for kindle on Amazon (can be read on a laptop with free software) Always some available Stock up when the ingredients are on offer....FREEZE some of the bake for later to enjoy Always found biscuits and cakes and butter...freeze well Don't have the time....make will be glad you did, when your chomping through your own home made goodies!!!

144 Millies Cookies for £35 ( usually 99p each)
Found 10th Apr 2013Found 10th Apr 2013
Simply pop into your nearest Branch and ask for a store and get a gift box ( £35.) IThere will be 12 vouchers,inside ( each for a box of 12 cookies) Some branches may not be adver… Read more

here we go again




Unless I miss the point there is 365 days in a year so to claim a years supply is just stupid. Why not claim two life times supply, if you only ate two a year?


No wonder there's so many obese people out there..


12 would last a month (read that either way!)

12 free cookies when you buy 12 @ Millies Cookies so 24 cookies for £6.49
Found 12th Mar 2013Found 12th Mar 2013
Fancy getting a free box of 12 cookies when you buy another box of 12 cookies? Of course you do... Join our cookie club and get your voucher here… Read more
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Must remember to print


Do these come to your door ?


You need to burn some off with that vibrator. :p


Subway cookies are better. In my opinion of course. So too are morrisons taste the difference and both are far cheaper. Millie's cookies are a rip off even at these prices.


I much prefer Ben's Cookies but neither are available near where I am presently so whilst I vote hot, I am still sad that there are no cookies.

Years supply of cookies for £35 @ Millies cookies
LocalLocalFound 11th Mar 2013Found 11th Mar 2013
This has been listed before but many years ago, thought I would remind people of the offer as I stumbled across it myself today. You can get a years supply of amazing tasting cook… Read more

haha I wish you didn't tell me that I can order them online *holds belly*


How do you buy this then?


Decent cookies, but should be advertised as 12 weeks worth, rather than 12 months worth. Even if you are moderate with the 12 cookies you get each month, their best before will probably be about 1 week after you receive the gift box. While it is cheaper than Millie's normal prices (24.3p per cookie + delivery included presumably), it does border on false advertising, if you consider that at best the cookies will not last the full month (even if not eaten). To those who have fallen foul to the media's saturation of healthy eating and seem to think that 12 cookies per month will give you diabetes or make your teeth rot, maybe you should check your health facts? Despite my love for cookies, I'm not going to vote on this deal, because while it is good value for this brand of cookie, it misrepresents what you actually receive.


this "deal" blows


I voted hot and I don't even live in the UK :)

SMS for 2 Free Cookies when you buy 2 Cookies @ Millies Cookies
LocalLocalFound 2nd Feb 2012Found 2nd Feb 2012
It's never a better time to show someone you care.... sms Cookies to 64546 and get 2 FREE cookies when you buy 2 cookies from any Millie's store before 6 Feb when you show us your … Read more
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how much does it cost to text tho?


overpriced in the first place

Millies Cookies.BOGOFF at manchester trafford centre £2.99 - 6+6free
Found 27th Mar 2011Found 27th Mar 2011
Bought 6 cookies and the girl said a deal was on for 6 free. Then asked if I wanted the free ones!!!!!!! has a giraffe got a long neck

my gf loves these cookies. I'm not a huge fan of cookies but voted hot since i'll be buying her a bunch of cookies tmrw :)


This is not a good deal at all. When they used to be called Cookie Jar, the mini cookies were the size that the standard ones are now.


[quoter simsini Cold, these cookies get smaller and smaller. The best cookies are from M&S.][/quote] Don't take the biscuit,this is a good deal,HEAT Penguini


thanks for that quietus, never seen the extra f before this isn't bogof anyway, if you have to buy 6 X)


It's a fashion thing. It's currently 'in' to add a superfluous 'for' when dealing with the word 'free'. Instead of Boy One, Get One Free, you now have Buy One, Get One For Free, or buy x, and get y for free. What makes me chuckle is that not only is it incorrect and unnecessary, but it even sounds awkward when you say it, and you'd think people would think that it wasn't right, but, nope, society is full of sheep, and one just copies the other.:p

Millies Cookies - box of 12 cookies per month for 12 months for only £35
Found 20th Jan 2011Found 20th Jan 2011
Cannot seem to find a previous post about this. Sadly there is not a great deal of info on their website but I saw a sign in the shop today which advertised a box of 12 cookies pe… Read more

I bet they don't stick anything like as good as Sellotape.


I just don't get it. Why would somebody get ripped off and buy their cookies from Millies when you can get freshly backed soft cookies from Sainsbuy's which taste just as good and are far cheaper. The Taste the Different one's are really good. I just think it good marketing and lots of kids are just getting sucked in, like the need to be seen with CK pants on, Haha!!


Wow £35 for cookies. For that much I can eat 2 packs a week of Asda smartprice ones for 17 months, and they are surprisingly good for the price. But each to there own. :)


Yeah it's terrible, almost as terrible as all the stupid people that inhabit this country that can't spell the words "disgusting" and "obese" and watch too many Jamie Oliver documentaries.


Im a bit of a fattie but I'm happy... unlike some of the hamsters I see running nowhere on the treadmills at Banatynes..... :p

Millie's Cookies deals buy six cookies and get six free, buy one treatbox and get one free, buy one hot drink get one free and buy one regular combo get one free @  Millie's Cookies
Found 4th Jan 2011Found 4th Jan 2011
Register on the Millie's Cookies site, then sign in and click 'vouchers' (on the left of the screen) to get the offer. You'll get four different vouchers: buy six cookies and get s… Read more

nom nom nom.. i love millies!


Lol I like it.


Don't forget your 20% discount Bite card if you buy them from a train station ;). I know it says 'Not valid with other offers', but so do Burger King when they have their BOGOF deals, and I've always used my card, so maybe Millies are the same.


Not even a moment (_;)


These deals are always on. Just use voucher cloud.

Millies BOGOF offers - cookies/treatbox/hot dinks
Found 19th Nov 2010Found 19th Nov 2010
Print off the vouchers from the link and redeem them in store. PDF link - Buy 6 cookies get 6 free. Buy 1 regular hot dr… Read more

I've never had any refused, and I've used a LOT of these vouchers in different places.


I was wondering if anyone had any refusals when using this voucher? I am planning to write to their headoffice as I went to my local Millies Cookies in Chelmsford, where the franchasie blantantly refused to accept my copies. I printed off the net, as I usually had done before and that branch and many others had never had any problems accepting it. The manager told me that from the 1st November, Millies Cookies do not accept printed copies from the net anymore and that they only accept the vouchers that they give out when you make a purchase. I would welcome any comments so when I get back to their headoffice, I have some more ammunition. Thanks ...

50% off iced drinks at millies cookies
Found 17th Apr 2010Found 17th Apr 2010
Choose from Strawberry Sensation, Wildberry Desire, Mango Fusion, Banana Bliss or Sour Green Apple And for a limited time, you can also enjoy 50% off! regulars iced drinks are us… Read more

omg these are delicious!!! had the banana one for £1.24 quite big for regular!! and tastes like pina coloda!! yum! :)


they are really horrible... had them when i used the bogof..last october...

Vouchers for Millies Cookies - buy 6 + 6 free - treatbox - bogof on smoothies
Found 10th Sep 2009Found 10th Sep 2009
Welcome to Millie's Cookies Hi there! You have arrived at Millies Cookies online! click on Baking hot savings to download expires 31st october

There is a God!!! Millies cookies rock!


thanks, lovely!


Thank you!! if only i had this voucher last week when i bought a treatbox! :)


mmm great for when the girls are round!


dont forget to print out some for friends + family :P H&R