millions mini machine £9.99 @ B&M bargains

millions mini machine £9.99 @ B&M bargains

LocalFound 3rd Oct 2015
Just found this at B&M bargains millions mini machine, not for everyone but we love it and the sweets are nice too
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Omg, want!
me 2
Nice find..
Need to check my local B and M tomorrow now oO
ooh the kids will love this
Me want and heat given, however is it just me or does this seem a tad expensive for a sweet dispenser?
At least my M&M dispenser did something... (I can't seem to find a link to it - you pressed a button and a sweet popped onto his hand which he then tossed over his head to land in his other hand from where you collected it!)
I thought at first but there around £20 online, plus I've never seen these before just the huge version lol. And never mind the kids I was one in the shop when I saw this ha
Sold out in my b&m an add to description they don't come with the sweets they are empty.
They come with 8x small bags actually
Great price love millions my daughter getting onefor Christmas she going to love it X
Great deal OP
Never seen this before! I'd love one!
Available at b & m Leytonstone
Available in Queensferry with sweets included.
So. Much. Want.
I'm addicted to them but usually buy the shop size 2.2kg type things
It's like the one at legoland o_o
Bah, our son would love this for christmas as he loves millions - checked our local B&M Home store today and they had none - couldn't see a tag/empty shelf, so not sure they even had them.

Will check a couple of others this week, and hopefully find one.
none in Hamilton.
Cowley, Oxford are getting them in this week. They had some but sold out straight away.

Do the 8 small bags fill it or will it need more if for a gift?
Has anyone seen these on the Wirral?
Finally tracked one down tonight - in B&M at Byker retail park, and they had loads in.
How do u put the sweets in ??
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