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Add a little Romance to your life with 50% Off at Mills & Boon
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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
Add a little Romance to your life with 50% Off at Mills & Boon
If you like a love story then hop on down to Mills & Boon, where they have 50% off everything until 26th November. Use Code PINKFRI.
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Awwww Mills & Boon <3

Whole load of Mills & Boon's E-Books for 99p
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Posted 25th Jan 2017Posted 25th Jan 2017
Whole load of Mills & Boon's E-Books for 99p
Mills & Boons are selling 11 of their E-Books for 99p each. That means you can buy your loved one 11 Novels for £10.89 for Valentines Day!
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Ha ha yes ofcourse. Typo. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll sort that out now. Cheers


Would that not be £10.89?

Free Mills and Boon books
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Posted 25th May 2013Posted 25th May 2013
Free Mills and Boon books
2 FREE mills and Boon books.

"Join today and receive 2 free books" You have to remember to cancel your subscription within a month or they'll send you more and charge you for them. "Accepting your 2 free books places you under no obligation to buy anything. There's no catch, everything is FREE. Even the postage will be at our expense! You are under no obligation to buy anything and you don't have to make any minimum number of purchases. After receiving your free books, if you do not wish to receive any further books, write 'cancel' on the despatch note and return it to us. If we do not hear from you, approximately one month later we’ll send you three more books, making a total of 4 stories from the series, including a 2-in-1 title priced at £5.49 and two single titles priced at £3.49 each."

Mills and Boon Books - 75 titles for 75 pence each - Today only
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Posted 29th Mar 2013Posted 29th Mar 2013
Mills and Boon Books - 75 titles for 75 pence each - Today only
Mills and Boon books available today only. Good deal for all those romantics amongst you! Usually £3.49 each. Available as ebooks as well.
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16 books with postage for £12.80 thanks Sign up to newsletter for 10% off first order as well . That's my Nan sorted for her birthday and christmas


Go to homepage (very top of page and it says HOME) and there is a big banner that says Easter Exclusives. Unfortunately it seems to be a series of adverts that scroll through their various offers so it does not stay up all the time! However if the big banner is not there then there is a sidebar that says Easter Exclusives - click on that and it will take you to the offer. That sounds like a very special thing to do for the ladies still there in memory of your mum - I think secretly most of us like a bit of escapism!!


Not seeing a route on the site to the 75p titles My Mum used to like these she passed in 2009 Thinking of sending 10 to the home she used to live in As a present to the old girls still living there as an escape read

17 Mills and boon books for £5.20 (plus postage for proper book option)
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Posted 2nd Jun 2012Posted 2nd Jun 2012
17 Mills and boon books for £5.20 (plus postage for proper book option)
Mills and Boon are doing a selection of 60p books today only (9am - 9pm) There is also a code SUMMER12 that gives you £5 off a £10 spend, basically buy 17 books for £10.20 - £5 = £… Read more

It worked for me on 17 so not sure


Thank you! My Gran will love this!!


It accepted the code for me once i added another book. It seems to take the total as the price before VAT, with 17 books @ £10.20 the VAT was 33p, so it was under the £10 required for the code to work. So i ended up with 18 books for £7.80 (with P&P).


will not accept the summer12 code on order

2 Free Romantic Novels @ Mills & Boon + Free P&P no obligation to buy anything
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Posted 4th May 2012Posted 4th May 2012
2 Free Romantic Novels @ Mills & Boon + Free P&P no obligation to buy anything
2 Free Romantic Novels @ Mills & Boon + Free P&P no obligation to buy anything seazach9 - 2 free history novels Kathyg -… Read more

Got rejected as I'd had a freebie before!!


Beware, if you don't return the despatch note with "cancel" written across it they will keep sending you books each month which you have to pay for!


Wow I just got a confirmation email, am I surprised or what??!! Thanks TallerPaul!


Just clear cookies 9/10 websites use tracking cookies nowdays


Site uses tracking cookies and they make it difficult to cancel spam and junk mail. This romance might end in a difficult divorce.

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free book from Mills and Boon
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Posted 8th Dec 2011Posted 8th Dec 2011
free book from Mills and Boon
Collect a Free Books of your choice there’s no risk and no obligation to buy anything! They charge you nothing for your first shipment and you don’t have to make any minimum number… Read more
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Thanks on order :)


Had mine and read it thanks!


I sent off for mine a while ago and nothing ever turned up


Nectar points too on anything bought from Mills and Boon.



Free Mills & Boon book.
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Posted 11th Oct 2011Posted 11th Oct 2011
Free Mills & Boon book.
Mills & Boon are offering free books to all who request them. Enter your email in the box on the left od the page and submit. Then choose to have your book mailed to your home … Read more
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Brilliant, hopefully mine will arrive soon as well :)


Mine came today.....must be a freebie postage day as received quite a few things in the post today


Mine came today out the blue!, I had forgot all about it so was a nice surprise


I am completely unable to download this book; I don't think it's worth the effort and wasted time. Please remove me from your systems.


Did anyone ever receive this book?

10 FREE Mills & Boon E-books to Download
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Posted 25th Sep 2009Posted 25th Sep 2009
10 FREE Mills & Boon E-books to Download
I suppose someone must read them !!! ??? To celebrate the first anniversary of Mills & Boons eBook programme we are making one book from each of our Series available for FREE.… Read more

try cashback kings


cant find merchant in quidco: used keywords: mills, boons, everyonesreading ... any ideas?


I think you can also get free cashback via Quidco, Topcashback etc!

Two free romantic books and a surprise, plus  free Posting
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Posted 15th Apr 2009Posted 15th Apr 2009
Two free romantic books and a surprise, plus free Posting
No obligation to purchase anything; leave when you have the freebies Receive the finest selection of womens fiction automatically EVERY month! Simply choose your preferred series… Read more
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lol you are so funny


No Obligation You can cancel your membership at any time by returning your invoice marked cancel ------------------ FREE BOOK OFFER! To get you started well send you 2 FREE BOOKS from the series of your choice, PLUS a free mystery gift! We hope that after receiving your free books youll want to remain a subscriber. But the choice is yours. So why not give us a go? Youll be glad you did!


ordered. thx


Not if you read the T&C's which I guess you have not. Not really my thing, but thought if fair to share with the community


Yes, you have to read Mills & Boon books and they keep sending you more and more and more. :w00t:

Get paid for 2 FREE BOOKS + MYSTERY GIFT @ MILLS & BOON - Use QUIDCO for £1 cashback!!
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Posted 3rd May 2008Posted 3rd May 2008
Get paid for 2 FREE BOOKS + MYSTERY GIFT @ MILLS & BOON - Use QUIDCO for £1 cashback!!
Free Book Offer The choice is yours! We'll send you 2 FREE BOOKS from the series of your choice. Just let us know which you'd prefer. Plus, A Free Mystery Gift! THANKS TO PRENDY… Read more
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i havent voted either way as havent used offer, but it's a good one if you just want the money and remember to cancel. or u just want the books. either way a no-brain winner. ok cold people, please own up! hehe


its the hot cold not working just voted hot and it went down ...sorry


You get paid for free stuff, anyone want to explain cold votes?


by the way i did this before with quidco. they put in a few other books and tell you if you dont return them you will be sent more ie subscription not cancelled. i didnt know this then but u can request for a return form to send it prepaid back.


No its defo free, you get 2 free + gift.... if you don't send the enclosed slip back saying 'no thanks' to four more then they charge you for the 4 that you will receive a month later....its a subscription deal sign up, say no and pay nowt!

2 Free Mills and Boon books + no p&p
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Posted 11th Jul 2007Posted 11th Jul 2007
2 Free Mills and Boon books + no p&p
The link below is for you to choose 2 free Mills & Boon books from the categories they list. There is no p&p charge and all you have to do is provide your details. Not my t… Read more
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Then they keep sending you stuff and bills for stuff until you threaten them with a letter from your solicitor. Great deal!


I did this and got the free boks with a free wine glass, then I phoned them up and cancelled it and kept my books and the wine glass, all very simple.. They did the smae thing about 2 years ago and I did it then as well, I love the books as they are a fun read and if anyone wants to order them and send them to me please feel free.


They will send out no obligation books that require payment, with the freebies, which will then need to be returned. Not worth the agro.


re: t&c a little vague and encompassing all the same! big brov!


By accepting this Agreement, you expressly consent to the use and disclosure of your personally identifiable and other information as described in the Privacy Policy. You hereby grant to us a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise all rights under copyright, publicity and related rights, in any media now known or not currently known, with respect to any content you provide to us in any public space on our Network. No thanks pavilion :roll:

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Posted 11th Jun 2007Posted 11th Jun 2007
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Hello folks!

Free Books @ Mills and Boon - Dont forget to cancel afterwards
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Posted 31st Jan 2007Posted 31st Jan 2007
Free Books @ Mills and Boon - Dont forget to cancel afterwards
Follow the instructions

Cool :) Is great getting money for nothing


got mine today thanks :) £2 QUIDCO TRACKED TOO !


I never do these, a lot of pestering you asking to buy more, and they have your credit card details, all for some books which will probably end up in the charity shop anyway




thanks appriciated :thumbsup:

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