Posted 18 January 2023

Milwaukee Fixtec Angle Grinder Nut £4.98 + free collection @ Toolstation

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• Quick, one-handed blade change
• Fixtec nut

The Milwaukee Fixtec Quick Locking Flange Nut replaces standard M14 flanges on grinders, to enable fast tool-less disc change. Allows users to change the disc/blades or other accessories on your grinder in seconds, with integrated keyholes, for removal of the nut with a standard pin spanner in the event of the nut becoming too tight.
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    Wonder if this would fit my Einhell…
    It more than likely will. Grinders use a standard thread
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    These should be standard on all grinders, surprisingly cheap for Milwaukee. Works perfectly
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    I've got the Bosch Professional SDS Clic M14 on a few grinders never missed a beat in the years having them
    Yes a much better choice
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    Finally some Milwaukee stuff i can afford!
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    I bought one of these some time ago and while it was ok it did sometimes get too tight and I struggled to get it off, the corners are sharp and dig into your fingers . A much better option is the screw on type, much much easier to use49346958-dUQOc.jpg
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    Bought these before and chucked them away. They are much thicker than the original nut which can get in the way when you are making a cut. Sometimes you need a screwdriver or something to twist them open
    Definitely, I almost always have to get an adjustable on it to change it.
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    I fitted one of these on my makita grinder years ago. It’s saved me having to look for the grinder key.
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    Got this one, paid double a few years back, I find it really useful
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    I concur saves scuffed knuckles, and loads of time
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    Thank you
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    That'll go nicely with my new Makita grinder, thank you very much.
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    Had one of these for a couple of years. Don't delay, get one.
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    49351546-SZNmI.jpgThis shows maximum diameter of disc is 150mm. Is anyone using this locking nut on larger angle grinders? Why do you think they are not suitable for larger machines/discs?
    I think the arbor might be a different size on larger grinders.
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    All my disc changes are toolless anyway - Only ever tighten by hand, then pull the disc round to loosen again.
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    Bought 2, thinking I would use one on my 9" grinder but only too late realised they are specced for blades to to 150mm (6 inches)