Mince pies for £1 in co op!

Mince pies for £1 in co op!

Found 30th Aug 2016
Just saw mince pies for a pound in my local co op (Bournemouth).

Not so much a deal (although it is in the way if you love mince pies they're for sale...) Just shocked that it's still August!
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No be long before the Easter Eggs are oot then oO
They were wheeling out the tins of chocolates at mine tonight - Roses, Quality Street etc. Lidl in the meantime are still selling Hot Cross Buns!!!!????
Too early oO
Seasons come... Seasons go...
The Shopping Season however is blended... so it's every day for everything for everyone
It's not even Halloween yet
What's wrong with mince pies outside of Christmas? All they are a pie filled with mince I personally love mince pies, and I think this offer is awesome. Saw them in ASDA too
The customer drives the release date! If the mince pies didn't sell they would go out of date so the shops wouldn't sell them. If you do not want the shops to start christmas early then don't buy any christmas stuff until later. If demand is not there they will not waste shelf space on it. I do think a large super market could actually run a promotion and not sell any Christmas stuff until 1st November, advertise the fact they are doing this and promote the fact that christmas is a winter event, they may lose a few early sales but would have massive gain in reputation.

No be long before the Easter Eggs are oot then oO

​That's Boxing Day!
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