Mindjack For Xbox 360 - £7 *Instore* @ Tesco

Mindjack For Xbox 360 - £7 *Instore* @ Tesco

Found 1st Mar 2011
Just picked up Mindjack for the xbox 360 for £7.00 at Tesco instore only


It's a good price, but by all accounts the game is very poor.

The game is awful. If you can find someone paying you to take it off their hands, then that's the only time I'd bother picking it up.

Hi-do you think this is national?


The zero punctuation review

Ha ha, as funny as they are, I'd never listen to a review from someone so cynical

Or many other people, for that matter lol. Unless it's absolutely unanimously great, or a friend recommends it, the only game opinion I'm listening to is my own!

And my own opinion says this game isn't worth touching!
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could you please let us know if this is national?

I just rang Tesco ad they said it was store specific.I might pop down and have a look though

Original Poster

Not sure if it national but the price on the shelf was not £7.00 so take it to customer services and ask them to scan it for a price check

Good deal.

Gonna go check this one out shortly

Just phoned and checked.

Its £15 on both consoles. So £7 price store specific or price mistake.

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