Mindjack (XBOX 360) - only 13.52 GBP @ play-asia

Mindjack (XBOX 360) - only 13.52 GBP @ play-asia

Found 15th Feb 2011
no region protection and PAL compatible

amazon's price is 22.99 GBP!

Manufacturer's Description
MINDJACK offers a unique gameplay experience that throws players into a revolutionary playing field where an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly into a thrilling, cooperative multiplayer experience.

Players can chose to disrupt or help the host by playing as either an ally or enemy and hack into soldiers, civilians, or mechanical bionic creatures.

Enter the futuristic world of MINDJACK and experience mind bending action and a hugely immersive storyline.

MINDJACK….Your mind is not your own.


will probably be this price soon for pal as well 42/100 meta ur

how is play-asia?? will we pay import tax or anything?


not on £13.52 you won't

It's not very highly rated at all. Watch this for a full run-down. (Not safe for work, and contains strong language in parts, but it's very honest.)

Play-Asia is a great company. Great price, just not that interested in Minjack...
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