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Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC

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Just a heads up that Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition (PC) is currently available for a historical low price.

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC is currently half-price on the Microsoft Store as part of their 15th Anniversary sale.. Link

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition Deluxe Collection is also half-price on the Microsoft Store (£17.49)... Deluxe Edition

Alternatively DLGamer.com have the Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC for slightly less at £12.24 DLGamer link

Some keyshops do have even cheaper offerings (with a current historical low of £9.20 for the Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition) but I'd personally rather purchase game keys from an official store.
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    254 Lira or £6.22 (without fees) if u have turjush gift card or FUPS.


    Or 1400 ISK about £8 from Iceland, no VPN needed. Can use a UK card.
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    Thanks, picked it up from the Iceland site, was a simple process except changed my account to Icelandic for a bit.
  2. Jmart0's avatar
    Not far off what I paid in 2011
  3. bakepott's avatar
    Dang paid £14.99 a couple of days ago
  4. akbmcf1's avatar
    Please forgive my ignorance, but can anyone explain the multiple different versions in the Microsoft store? Thinking of getting on my Windows laptop so I can play along with my kids (they play variously on PC and Android). There's:

    Minecraft for £8.37 - xbox.com/en-…010

    Minecraft for Windows (which is seemingly only included in Gamepass?) - xbox.com/en-…HXJ

    Minecraft: Bedrock & Java Edition for £12.49 - xbox.com/en-…010

    I wouldn't consider myself to be easily confused, but I thought if you bought Minecraft on PC these days you got both versions anyway...??

    Any help is appreciated!
  5. TOO-TIGHT-TO-PAY's avatar
    The £8.37 version is for Xbox consoles... not playable on PC.

    If you have Gamepass you can download the PC version for free.

    If you don't have gamepass & you want to play on PC/Laptop then the £12.49 one is the right option for that.

    @akbmcf1 (edited)
  6. akbmcf1's avatar
    Thanks, really appreciate that! Seems unnecessarily confusing, but hey, there it is! (edited)
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    Or use iby2012’s link above in the comments for the Icelandic store and  pick bedrock/java edition for about £8. 
    as the
    As he says no vpn needed and uk bank card work fine. 
    ( I did this for the exact same reason to play java with the kid.)
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