Minecraft Mini Figures £1 in Poundland

Minecraft Mini Figures £1 in Poundland

LocalFound 21st Nov 2017
Was surprised to see these in my local Poundland as they rarely go below the RRP of £3.99.

I've not bought any at £3.99 as this always seemed overpriced for a small cardboard box containing a plastic figure around 1cm high, however kids love anything Minecraft and for a £1 they make excellent stocking fillers. Not sure what series they are but they were like the ones in the picture and also another box of purple coloured ones.
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Great stocking fillers if your local store has stock, thanks for posting @ScottyMelotty
Thanks will look to see if my local has any
I can't help loving these. My Mooshroom is awesome. Makes me smile. Well have to look.
Where did u find these??
I found these In Bracknell branch, but went back yesterday and the two large boxes containing about 50 had all sold except for one, which someone had opened.

I asked if they would get any more in. "It could have been a one off for this branch or could be that other branches would get them. They may get some more in the next delivery, they may never be seen again". She was helpful but said they never know with this type of item. I checked in Reading and they didn't have any. Did find some Tube master figures for a £1 in Poundworld though which was a result. Much bigger figures with sword and sheilds or other assessories.
I found these in great bridge Poundland today, at least 25 more there at 2pm
Had a box of these appear in the poundland near me. Not normally something i'd buy but at £1 each i've bought quite a few of these, great that there's a way to tell what you'll get in the box so collecting the ones you want isn't too difficult.
Got some the other day, great find. @seven324 how do you know which ones you are getting? Is there a code?
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