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Minecraft - Catastrophic Pandemonium World Map & Winter Gift Bundle Free (Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS & Android)
Refreshed 26th Dec 2018Refreshed 26th Dec 2018
The Minecraft Season of Giving has begun! Wait, what does that mean? Do I have to buy Jens a gift or something? Uh oh. He still hasn’t spoken to me since I got him that book call… Read more
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Is this still going? I've searched on android Minecraft and can not find it anywhere. I've searched for catastrophic pandamonium, catastrophic and pandamonium. Still can't find it. I've got loads of the other free ones but can't find the panda one. HELP!?!?!


You need to buy the game the game first.


I have an Xbox, is this a completely free game or do I need to buy the starter pack first?


Thanks m.ad


Create World > Then select the resource pack you want > Then adjust any game settings. Done

12 Days of MINECRAFT - Free stuff
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Minecraft - From December 21st, there’ll be one a day, free to you for 24 hours, available from the Minecraft Marketplace . First noticed it on updating the the iPad app.
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I'm just doing that now :D It's loaded up and sat playing to it'self in the tutorial world ;) My daughters account had the update though :) So she is well pleased, Especially now that she can play without inserting the bloody disk all the time.I just hope I can join her in game :( I refuse to pay for the game again as we have it on the 360 twice and xbox one twice plus I own the PC version and windows 10 version (Which luckily was free). It get's a bit crazy doesn't it owning all those copies."EDIT" I sent a message to support on twitter and here is what they said. Hi there! Totally understand the frustration with this. This is something that's slowly rolling out to users. I'm afraid we wouldn't have an ETA for this. Greatly appreciate your patience! ^TJ Turns out I just have to wait it out Which is fine with me, At least I'm not doing anything wrong at my end...


Can't you just load up the game and leave it for 5 hours then after that you'll be updated for free to the 'all together' version then you should be good to go. (y) The kids have got the latest version on their tablets all working good. I've bought them a Xbox One S for Christmas and I'd initially bought the disk version of Minecraft until I saw these freebies. So took that back and got a refund today, then purchased the DLC version of minecraft as that doesn't need the 5 hrs of play before the latest version installed. I noticed all the worlds etc that had been purchased on their tablets were available on the One S and the 12 day freebies so they'll be well impressed Christmas morning when they get to play it now :D


That’s a shame, could try contacting them and asking them. You never know,if you don’t ask. It is the season of good will and all that. :)


Thanks for that, I did some digging and I figured it out :( I believe it's because I haven't played for 5 hours or more on my current xbox live account :( And as it's a new account I don't think I will be able to get the 12 days stuff, I could be wrong but I don't have time to test right now.


Just check you don’t have a different Minecraft under your Ready to install. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/games/game-titles/minecraft-better-together-update

Minecon2017 Skin pack
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Minecon2017 Skin pack
If you're a player on console, mobile or Windows 10, you can get the skins for free over in the in-game Marketplace. Players on Java Edition can get the skins by downloading … Read more
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Hi I've downloaded the skins to my laptop for my granddaughter but I've no odea how to add them to the game.

NEW Minecraft ('Bedrock Edition') XBox One - FREE or Price of DLC (£1.59)
Found 25th Sep 2017Found 25th Sep 2017
NEW Minecraft ('Bedrock Edition') XBox One - FREE or Price of DLC (£1.59)
Could be I am misunderstanding here, but if you played this at a friend's house (for 5+ hours) or bought any DLC, you should get the latest version of Minecraft for free. I am goin… Read more
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Sorry, I honestly don't know. Think I have the disk for PS3, too... I'd say I expect it would be the same, but I doubt it given Microsoft own Minecraft - makes sense for them to give better benefits to Xbox users... Also apologies in general, I've still not had chance to check if playing as my sister works - had anyone else managed it (or tried and had it fail)?


cheapest way to get it for ps4 ?....bought the disc for ps3 so loathed to pay full wack again!


Thanks pbyron1! So are we thinking that, if you don't know anyone with a disc, you could just buy it from the Microsoft store for £14.99, play it for 5 hours and sell to CeX for £9? Ie £6 for the new Minecraft with 5 hours 'work'? Alternatively, I can't see if this is the disc or download - but as it comes with DLC, presumably *if it is the disc edition* (with download codes) you wouldn't need to play for the 5 hours - you would but it for £18, get a load of DLC and sell for £9, So £9 for a ton of DLC and new Minecraft? Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack If this isn't the disc version, the Microsoft Store link above also has a 'Favourites' option with "Disc" specified for £2 more. :) I've still not had chance to play with my sisters account on the download version (pesky kids and work getting in the way)... So can't confirm or deny if this works yet!


Yep, once you’ve played those 5 hours and got the access to the new version it’s just the same as any digital download


And works without disc in too?

MineCraft (PC) Classic Single Player Or Multiplayer Free @ Official Site
Found 23rd May 2012Found 23rd May 2012
MineCraft (PC) Classic Single Player Or Multiplayer Free @ Official Site
Completly Legal Classic Version Of Minecraft Single player http://www.minecraft.net/classic/play Multi Player http://www.minecraft.net/classic/list
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Fair du's well i'm a pc gamer although my rigs got a bit out dated i didnt buy the xbox for achievements however i bought it for playing with my other friends online although achievements are just like a goal to get somethings done some people buy a game get the achievements and never play the game again, my girlfriends son has the pc version but just got the xbox version too i got the xbox version and now me and my girlfriend play it non stop lol and we have all the achievements we had them since the first couple of days however saying that its cool to be able to get your friends who have an xbox and not a pc to play with and in the same way its the platform thats easier to see what games your friends playing when their up for some gaming. As reguards torrent downloading it was my understanding that you had to pay for minecraft pc version i understand how torrents work and what not but i guess you would have to register a name to play with and be registered through a system unless its all patched and key gened or something?


You misunderstood what I meant by console noobs. I meant it in the sense that this game can run on my mum's P4 computer that has a 8400GS graphics card perfectly, so the only real reason to buy it on console is for "Achievements" which is like the only thing a lot of console players care about. The Xbox version has no server support, so you can only play direct connection, a controller is not better than a keyboard and mouse on this game (and no, that isn't just my opinion it's a fact, the same way that Super Meat Boy is better with a controller) It's also behind the PC version on the updates too. You will actually find that Minecraft itself doesn't support mods on the PC side, you actually have to modify your game client for single player mods - it's the server mods that matter, and as it doesn't support servers anyway it means even if you could get mods it would only be the lame single player ones. My server has an economy, dragons you can fly on, MMO abilities, Locks so you can lock chests/doors + Spout which gives you a compass + map on your HUD, custom blocks and entities like Iron, gold and diamond furnaces, and that is just naming a few (35 running on server atm.) I'd advise anyone to torrent a copy of the full PC version 1.2.5 and see how it runs - you'd be suprised at how little this game requires (It mainly uses RAM) and if it does work just buy the PC one. You will get a lot more out of the game.


Excuse me "console noobs" anyone can play minecraft those who play it addicted would be doing just as good if the game they paid for was the full version instead of the unstable beta and they didnt even give the recent beta they started at the begining so it's harder for people to do the same however there's one problem with the Xbox version, Minecraft supports mods to make it more enjoyable problem is Xbox's TOS states any modifications to game or creators content will result in xbox ban, so they released a game that welcomes mods on a non mod allowed platform, but if they had of just given full version rather than a beta the console people would have something better to work with. Plus the only console Minecraft will be on is Xbox due to notch signing an agreement which rules out the game being available on any other console, but you have to remember no one starts a game as a pro everyone starts at a noob level reguardless.


If you create your own server, add tons of plugins and have a group of your friends playing it's one of the best games around on PC. The 360 one is completely pointless, lacks a lot of functionality and really is just for console noobs to pretend they can Minecraft.


I've got the full version but it just can't get enthused as I do with games taht have more of a focus on the actual game. (if that makes sense) Infact, I wouldn't describe this as a game at all, more a 16 bit landscaping tool. :p

Get Minecraft Beta Before Price Increase on 18/11/11 - £13.95
Found 9th Nov 2011Found 9th Nov 2011
Get Minecraft Beta Before Price Increase on 18/11/11 - £13.95
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. Get the game before full … Read more

Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> Minecraftcodes.info << lol nice one mate


Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> minecraftcodes.info <


Last chance to buy


My bad.


If he plays it often enough on there get him it, this is money for the dev and he's set for his whole 'minecraft life' with this, it'll be upgraded etc

Minecraft: Buy 1 copy get another free €14.95 (£13.10) - Minecraft.net
Found 12th Aug 2011Found 12th Aug 2011
Minecraft: Buy 1 copy get another free €14.95 (£13.10) - Minecraft.net
Perfect for if you and a friend want to go halfs. "Buy Mincraft this weekend and get a gift code to give to someone you wub" Minecraft may look very basic but it is a really enj… Read more

Still have my spare code left, if any one interested - PM


Does anybody have a spare code? Willing to pay £6.55 for it :) Send us a PM


Code has now gone.


I have a spare code if anyone wants it off me at cost.


The looks are quite deceptive as it definitely does make the game appear very basic but there is a surprising depth due to the variety of materials, the ability to have logic circuits (someone built a 16-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit in Minecraft) and powered transport systems. This is where the unguided approach though makes the game difficult to get into although in some regards that's possibly good as I really hate that I end up spending ages on the game building and mining away in a game. I've managed to avoid playing it for a few weeks though... John

25% off Minecraft during beta
Found 31st Dec 2010Found 31st Dec 2010
25% off Minecraft during beta
25% off Minecraft during beta When Minecraft is finished, it will sell for €20.00 ( £17.16 ) If you pre-purchase now during beta, you pay just €14.95 ( £12.83 )
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Can you buy this for PC or do you have to download it?


Still the same price, brilliant game


Brilliant game :D


Minecraft is Awesome!! & Is PC Gamer Game of the Year Just because it gots basic graphics thats the whole point to the game. People have brought it on a wim and gone OMG this is pure Fun! Dont be put off by the 360 & ps3 fanboy oh its gotta have uber graphics brigade on here. Its why PC Gamer UK Magazine have made it Game of the Year! and they know what they are on about. http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/12/31/pc-gamer-uks-game-of-the-year/ The clan im in has been supporting the game for a year already and even has an official server even though the game is still in Beta. Check out the Minecraft Central forums below for everything Minecraft. www.ntclan.org.uk Joining the server is by invite so you have to read and follow the rules but the server already has a planning department and land claiming and also a rail network and we are currently running a design competition where you can win a game. Everyone uses Mumble for game comms which we have a server for as well. Great Price for an Awesome game, its so addictive just like Lego but you can build absolutely anything.


Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! So far 2821281 people have registered and 917281 people bought the game Wow it`s blocky

Minecraft alpha price (includes future dlc and expansions) @ minecraft.net
Found 28th Nov 2010Found 28th Nov 2010
Minecraft alpha price (includes future dlc and expansions) @ minecraft.net
A highly addictive, fun, sandbox game where you create your world however you want it. Enjoy creating buildings and mining deep underground. A very peacefull world until it gets da… Read more

Game is great!




guys this is once in a lifetime. im not sure if its expired or not yet but it is today it goes into BETA. after beta u wont get the final release and it will be more expensive. notch made millions on this and is continuously updating it.


fixed lol my bad


Great game, but the game has been this price for months. Also, this is pre-BETA, not pre-Alpha.