Mini candy grabber with sweets- Only £13.90 or less delivered (excellent fairground fun!)

Mini candy grabber with sweets- Only £13.90 or less delivered (excellent fairground fun!)

Found 10th Jan 2007
"Yes siree, giving your home or office a hint of Coney Island chic is easy with our fantabulous Candy Grabber because it's every bit as entertaining as the one you fed with 5ps as a kid. Simply fill it with your favourite grabbable treats, drop in a coin or token and attempt to capture your prize before the whimsical music stops."
If anyone fancies recreating the frustration of funfair grabbers on their desk/at home, this has been reduced from £19.95 to £14.95 and comes with free 'retro' sweets. If you use the £5 voucher you would get it for £13.90 (including £3.95 delivery charge). Plus quidco cashback. Hey, if you got that Zoltar desktop gadget i saw posted on here a couple of days ago as well (can't remember where from), you could start a mini amusement park! Had a quick look through some price comparison sites as well, and can't find it cheaper.
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If anyone buys it could they be so kind as to upload an MP3 of this 'whimsical music' for the whole forum to hear?
That Zoltar fortune teller is here…040. £6.99 from (posted by DealMeIn). So together that would be less than £20.89 for a mini fairground!
Also here is a pic of the sweets you get
good idea about the music. I want to know what 'whimsical' music sounds like anyway. Although i'm guesssing its that fairground type music that goes 'dum dum dum-di-dum-dum' (doesn't really translate to text, but i am singing, honest)
or exactly £20.89, which is what i meant to put
you can watch the video here ]http//ww…512
Don't bother - you'll be sending it back within a week. My daughter got one for Christmas - the up-down mechanism broke almost straight away and the forward-backward mechanism broke soon after.
cardy- did they send a replacement? doesn't sound good.
The one my daughter got came from M&S (exactly the same model as the one listed here though). Haven't bothered taking it back yet, but when I do I'll be asking for a refund rather than a replacement.
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