Mini Cooler/Warmer

Mini Cooler/Warmer

Found 7th Sep 2008
Only my second post so forgive me if its not right!!!
Bought this Cooler/Warmer yesterday from my local woolworths in Nuneaton.Ticket price was marked at £28 but woolys seem to be clearing out loads of stuff at the mo and picked it up for a £5!!!Plugs into mains and 12v car connector.
Capacity is around 6 cans of pop so plenty of room and cools down to 5C also has a warming facility to around 65C so idea for them days out or a caravan/camper.
Have put on a link to the argos as not on Woolworths website but the one shown is exactly the same as the one in Woolys but £17!!!


Hi,amazing ROFL,it was 61oC Hot,when posted at £10 (bought one,fan a bit noisy)
Should get a bit Hotter thou ,well hope it gets colder as well,fridge that is.

Cheers BOB

Link sends you to Argos. ???

Original Poster

Yeah sorry about the link,its the same cooler as Argos but is in store only but gves you an idea what it is.

Hi,same as this as well:-…ter

I missed it on here in the past(been on a few times),but mate bought one for is work van & told me.

Cheers BOB
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