Mini fruit trees - £4.99 @ Home Bargains

Mini fruit trees - £4.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 23rd Apr 2014
My local store had about 10, pear, sweet cherry, sour cherry and plum.
A bit late for this year, but should be OK next year.
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thanks for posting, price and retailer added
Bought a blueberry bush from them 2 years ago. Got it to grow leaves but 2 years on, lots of ericaceous compost later and still no sign of fruiting. Got some flowers last year but didn't really form fruit. I'd maybe spend a bit more elsewhere if you are serious about wanting those trees.
I purchased these 2years ago for £4.99 from home bargins and this year we have loads of apples 1pear and the plum?(can't remember if it was plum or nit) has grown massive but no fruit yet
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